Vaping is an alternative to smoking cigarettes and has been well-received all over the world, including in Malaysia. The vaping community in Malaysia has been increasing rapidly for the past few years and vape kits are easily available throughout the country. Read on to find out more about how to choose the right vape kit for you.


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How to Choose the Right Vape Kit for You

Be it an amateur that is stepping into the world of vaping for the first time, or a seasoned vaper looking for new choices, the massive selection of styles and types of devices can be a little overwhelming. Thankfully, this guide below will help to evaluate your needs and suggest the criteria you should consider when choosing the right vape kit for you.

Basic Anatomy of a Vape Device

Before proceeding to choose the right vape kit, you should know about the basic parts that all vape devices have in common. Although they might look different in terms of appearance, they have similar functions:

  • Vape Tanks: This is the main part of the device usually placed near the mouthpiece that houses the wicks, e-liquid, and heating coil.
  • Vape Coils: An assembly of wires which is replaceable that has been wound into a spring-like coil shape. The coils are then wicked with an absorbent material – usually cotton – that is used to absorb the e-liquid. The wire coils are heated to vaporise the e-liquid that is on the wicks.
  • Batteries: Located in the mod, the batteries are the main power source for the vape kit. They are either integrated or replaceable batteries that can be changed once they run out of power.
  • Vape Mods: The device where the batteries are located. Vape mods connect and transfer power generated by the battery to the atomizer.
  • E-Juice: A mixture of several chemicals that are heated to create the vapour for inhalation.

Vape for Beginners in Malaysia

When it comes to choosing a vape kit, there is typically no right or wrong; it all depends on your personal preference. Here are some tips to help you decide on your next e-cigarettes purchases:

1. Size

Before purchasing any e-cigarettes, paying close attention to your preferred sizes might be the first thing you need to do. If you have been smoking the small, light-weighted cigarettes, you might have a hard time deciding since the vaping pen option you might be looking at is much bigger or heavier than the traditional ones. If you are keen on something that looks a lot like the traditional cigarette, an all-in-one e-cigarette might be the one for you. Cig-a-likes and pen-style device options are also available as a larger vape kit option with more sophisticated features.

2. Capacity

Since vaping usage depends on electricity, putting a longer battery capacity as a consideration is a must to make sure you can smoke throughout the day without the hassle. For the average person, 7 to 8 hours of smoking would require either one 1600mAh battery or two 650mAh battery capacity, one for you to use and another to charge. This all comes down to how long do you vape and how much vape you need without recharging.

3. Safety

Above all, safety is the primary factor you need to look at before buying any vape kits. There are a couple of things to look for in ensuring vape kit safety. First, what you can do is to see whether the vape tank is made out of plastic or not. This is simply because of some acid e-liquid flavors are able to degrade the plastic. Clearly, this is not something you wish for. As for batteries, try looking for vape which has an auto shut-off feature in case of short circuit. Be mindful in choosing your e-cigarettes, the more safety features, the better.

Can you vape in Malaysia?

Vaping practices in Malaysia are regulated and administered as a response to the health concerns of Malaysian society. This regulation includes the prohibition of vape for those aged 18 and below.

How much does vape cost in Malaysia?

To give you a better picture of vape pricing across the country, here is a table comprising vape prices in Malaysia:

Products Price Merchant
Joyetech eGo AIO D22 RM 58.00 Shopee
Cloupor Mini 30W RM 120.00 Shopee
KangerTech Neobox AIO RM 120.00 Shopee
SMOK Alien RM 202.60 Lazada
SMOK Treebox Mini RM 300.00 Shopee

What is Ncig?

Ncig is the latest e-cigarette technology to improve the quality of life for smokers by putting an end to cigarette addiction. The device gives equivalent satisfaction as a smoking cigarette by drawing 3 to 5 seconds in each take with 3 to 6 inhales in each session. Ncig is featured with a closed-pod system where the liquid is not refillable with safety design to avoid prohibited chemical abuse.