Embody your career goals, impress your employers, and achieve great things with professional workwear from G2000 Malaysia. Find out how to dress for success with G2000 Malaysia below.


How to Dress Professionally with G2000 Malaysia

Before you start to dress professionally figure out the dress code of your office. If the office lets you wear smart-casual or business casual outfits, it’s easier to figure out what to wear every morning. However, if your office requires the employees to dress in formal business attire, deciding what to wear can become a little bit tedious. To ease the process of dressing yourself, here are some tips on what you can do with your clothes from G2000 Malaysia.

Keep it monochromatic

Striking and bold colours can sometimes be inappropriate in the workplace. You don’t want to attract unwanted attention with your yellow blazer or hot pink dress. It’s best to choose blouses or dress shirts in neutral colours or monochromatic shades. Dark blue, grey, beige, tan, and your classic black or white would certainly be great colours to wear to your meetings.

To spruce it up, mix and match the colour of your outfits. You can pair your blue shirts with grey pants, wear a white tie with a black dress shirt, or wear a dark blue suit with a light blue shirt inside.

Avoid showing too much skin

The point of dressing professionally is to portray yourself intellectually, seriously, and -. This is crucial when meeting with bosses and upper managers, as you want them to have the best first impression. Ladies, choose skirts that go below the knee. For curvier women, choose a peplum dress or a pleated skirt. Also, choose your pencil skirts carefully, as some might be too tight and restrict movements, making your day less than optimal.

It’s best to wear loose clothing. Not too loose, but fitting enough for you to be comfortable in. Wearing tight shirts can sometimes strain the button, and create holes between the buttons so people could see through your shirt. If it’s too tight around the neck, your shirt can also easily cut off your circulation.

Simplicity is key

Wearing monochromatic clothes can often get repetitive and dull. You can spruce your outfit with a simple necklace, neutral nail polish, a sophisticated watch, a light spray of your favourite perfume, and natural makeup.

For the gentlemen, choose a neutral tie with various designs, like stripes, dotted, or if you choose to wear a plain one to contrast your patterned shirt, that’s okay too. Choose ties that have less than 3 colours. Do not wear flashy watches. For example, you can maintain simplicity with minimalistic watches with leather straps. Still think your outfit’s still drab? Why not add some cuff links?

Don’t forget to groom

Treat your grooming with the same amount of attentiveness you do with your clothing. Men unless your office is okay with you having facial hair, it’s better to just be clean-shaven when you go to work. Keep your hair simple and short; use styling products if necessary.

For the women, do your daily makeup routine but do not choose flashy colors. Use BB cream or tinted moisturizer, fill your eyebrows lightly, apply a light blush, and use soft-coloured lipstick. All in all, remember to wear deodorant and shampoo your hair every 2-3 days to avoid greasiness.

Choose the right pair of shoes

Even if you mostly sit at your desk, a good pair of shoes is essential, especially if you commute to work. Wear closed-toe shoes with a comfy padding to support your feet. When wearing heels, opt for a pair with shorter height and sturdier heels. Omit from wearing sandals and shoes that are deemed too casual.

For men’s shoes, there are endless options of formal shoes to choose from. You can either choose baroque or oxford-styled shoes. If you can, always get black pairs of shoes, although sometimes, brown is also acceptable.

Do these tips the night before

It is recommended to plan your outfit the night before. That way, if you wake up late you won’t waste a lot of time thinking of what to wear. When planning the night before, you can match the outfits to the kind of activities you’ll be doing the next day.

Always keep your clothes clean. Planning the night before will give you ample time to clean and polish your outfits. You can steam your jacket, polish your shoes, or perhaps gently washed accidental stains. The night before is also a great time to groom yourself.

The G2000 Group focuses on creating affordable professional workwear. This Hong Kong brand is perfect for Asian men and women as it considers their preferred styles and sizes. The group has different product lines under the G2000 name that caters to different types of people.

G2000 Group Brands

  • G2000 Men & Women – The basic and original label. Now the G2000 label has more than just professional workwear, but also casual apparels and daily dresses.
  • G2000 Black – This label consists of understated luxury products directed towards sophisticated men. The G2000 Black clothing is luxurious, yet subtle clothes so you can wear high-end products discreetly without showing off.
  • At Twenty – Directed specifically towards young men. The products follow the trends young millennial men would typically wear.

Dressing professionally doesn’t always mean you have to buy high-end luxury labels. As long as you dress right, your cheapest clothes will look like it’s worth more than what it actually was. G2000 offers an array of high-quality clothing at affordable prices. Begin shopping for G2000 Malaysia’s professional workwear right here at iPrice.