Reliable technology and quick advancement is always synonymous with Japanese ingenuity, and the company, Fujitsu, is one of those. Producing electronic products such as computers, peripherals, data storage devices, and even air conditioning, Fujitsu is one of the pioneers of the advent of technology.


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Fujitsu Malaysia, shaping tomorrow with you

Fujitsu is a Japanese multinational company that is quite prominent in the information technology equipment and services industry. Fujitsu is the second oldest IT company in the world; it was established in 1935 as a byproduct of the Fuji Electric Company. Fujitsu's primary business is the production and manufacturing of computer devices, computer accessories and peripherals, Mainframe servers, storage, telecommunication devices, and air conditioning units. Fujitsu also has had the honor of manufacturing Japan's first computer, the FACOM 100 in 1954. Today Fujitsu has operations all around the globe, with different types of offices placed throughout.

Fujitsu Malaysia Products

Fujitsu Malaysia is a company that deals with many different electronic, computer and information technology related products that covers everything from computing devices to air conditioning. Fujitsu air conditioning is quite a common sight in many households, as they are one of more reliable air conditioning brands around.

Fujitsu also produces computer laptops and notebooks, although they are not as well known today as they were before, being one of the many pioneers of computing. They also produce a lot of computer devices such as computer mice, keyboard, storage devices, batteries, and printers. Fujitsu is a reliable brand for those wishing to do any computing, or to even just stay away from the heat under a cool air conditioning system.