Fujifilm, more popularly known as Fuji, is the only name you need to know if the field of photography. Pioneering filmic and imaging technology since day one, Fuji has found a place in every household that wants to create memories. Find out more about Fuji here.


Fuji Malaysia: Capturing Images since 1934

Fujifilm Holdings Corporation had its beginnings in 1934. It was then known as Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. and was the primary producer of photographic film in Japan. As the years passed, the Fuji product portfolio diversified to include motion picture and X-ray films. In 1962, Fuji Xerox came onto the scene to provide the Asia-Pacific region with photocopying products and services. Fuji-Xerox is the culmination of a partnership between the Japanese company, Fujifilm, and the American Xerox company, and today stands as the longest running partnership between companies from these two countries. Fuji then cemented its place in the industry of mainstream consumer photography by first being one of the official sponsors of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and then making their products available at a cheaper price overseas. This was a decision made possible by the establishment of a film factory in the US. Since then, the name of Fuji has been synonymous with capturing images in both professional and consumer markets.

Fuji’s Digital Revolution

Despite Fuji’s diversification in X-ray imaging and photocopying and printing services, it is first and foremost best known for its film cameras. Thus when the digital revolution hit, Fuji was quick to adapt and produce top lines of digital cameras. Fuji digital cameras cover the range to suit every digital photographer need. Those who preferred something easy, compact and light could opt for one of Fuji’s point-and-shoot with its sharp designs to impress any friend. These point-and-shoot cameras are perfect for a day out with friends or an adventure during our travels. They are designed to be small enough to fit into any travel case and light enough to keep by your side as you jostle along the rue de Champs Elysees or are being dwarfed by the classical architecture of Phnom Penh. So if you are an intrepid traveller or keen to keep visual memories of your time with friends and family, check out the Fujifilm X Series, which comes with touch screen operation and super intelligent flash.

If you consider yourself a more serious photographer, Fuji’s Finepix series with its lightweight frame combined with the wide range of Fuji camera lenses will ensure pictures of the sharpest quality. Precipitating the popularity of DSLRs with beginner photographer hobbyists, Fuji has also ensured that their entry-level long-zoom cameras will be easy to use and yet compromise none of the quality of the photos. The new Fuji FinePix S9800 has 50x Optical Zoom and 11 advanced filters. How do you beat that?

Fuji has also made provisions for those with an active lifestyle. The Fuji XP Series was tailored to withstand shock and most weather conditions so that you can capture the sights and excitement of your most extreme adventures. Coming in sharp yellow or neon green-black and equipped with 5x optical zoom, the Fuji XP series will be a reliable accessory and companion on your next trip outdoors. With a Fujifilm app on your smartphone, you can also transfer photos directly and immediately from your camera so as not to lose any images. To add to that, the smartphone can also double up as a remote control for your Fuji XP camera. Don’t forget to check out the Fuji XP80 for your next adventure.

It is with this diversity that Fuji has managed to hold its own against the ever-changing photo-production and imaging industry, especially with the onset of smartphone cameras, while its competitors run aground.

Creating Nostalgic Memories with Fujifilm Instax Cameras

For all of Fuji’s investment in producing top-quality easy-to-use digital cameras for the population which has been growing ever eager for the production of images, especially with the advent of popular photo-sharing apps and websites like Instagram, Flickr, and the like, Fuji remains in touch with its roots: that of the production of film for cameras. What has been outdated does not necessarily need to be obsolete as Fuji has discovered with its popular Fujifilm Instax.

Fujifilm Instax is a series of instant cameras designed to capture the moment on film and develop the image there and then. Often referred to as Fuji Polaroid Cameras, these cameras take advantage of the resurgent interest in all things vintage. In an age when the easy ubiquity of digital photos has made film covetable again, Fujifilm Instax is the perfect answer. While it panders to analogue aesthetics and preferences, there is no need to visit a third party to develop your film. The Fujifilm Instax film allows the memory to take shape in your hand within minutes of taking the shot. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 comes with various options to enhance image quality. Meanwhile, the Instax Mini 70 comes in various sharp colours like passion red, canary yellow, and island blue because there is no reason not to indulge in both your hipster side and modern colours at the same time. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 is also one of the few instant cameras available in the market that offers a selfie mode and selfie mirror to ensure your selfie game is a level above the rest.

Seeing the World “True-to-Your-Eyes” with Fuji Malaysia

If Fuji’s long legacy has to be boiled down into one world, it would be ‘innovation’. The world of creating and developing images continues to shift and change around us, outpacing our imaginations as to how images can be created with every advancing step of technology. Fortunately, Fuji remains the giant of this field, harnessing every new development and delivering to us the best in digital and analogue technology so that we may continue creating memorable visuals, whether it be for ourselves or for a professional portfolio. Fuji Malaysia continues to innovate with their camera technology so that the photos we take are the world as we see it, the world according to our eyes. Until we can create a virtual reality, photos with Fuji are the closest thing we have to shape our visual world according to our desires.

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