Masuk angin might be a local term for trapped wind, but the discomfort that comes with it is universal. With Fresh Care aromatherapy oil, you can treat your symptoms holistically without medication or a trip to a doctor. To find out more about Fresh Care Malaysia and their oils, read the article below.


Live a Wholesome and Healthy Life with Fresh Care Malaysia

Fresh Care is a brand that offers a wide array of aromatherapy products. However, their products are not just regular aromatherapy oils. They are minyak angin, a type of Malaysian oil used to relieve wind, headaches, blocked sinuses, and more. Although Freshcare minyak angin originated from Indonesia, you can find plenty of its aromatherapy oil here in Malaysia.

Why You Should Choose Freshcare

Freshcare products are made with safe ingredients that will effectively ease your symptoms. They are also packaged in an easy roll-on bottle that can fit into almost any bags or pouches. While Freshcare only uses the best ingredients, if your symptoms persist, consult a doctor about your condition.

Types of Fresh Care Minyak Angin Products

The regular line of classic Freshcare aromatherapy oil comprises of Green Tea, Lavender, Sandal Wood, Citrus, and Splash Fruity. There are another collection targeting teens, made with a formulation that’s less intense. The aromatherapy oil in this collection includes Bubble Gum, Passion Fruit, and Happy Cherry. If the formula of these oils is not strong enough, you can opt for the Hot aromatherapy oil. On the other hand, to relieve pain from sports or exercising, choose the Freshcare Sports variant.

Uses of Freshcare Minyak Angin

While the main use of minyak angin is to relieve wind, hence its name which directly translates to air oil, you can use it to treat other ailments as well. This includes unblocking a stuffy nose, massaging the temples to treat headaches, easing the pain of a stomachache, and more. Depending on the scent of the oil, it could also offer stress-relief. For instance, lavender is known for its ability to reduce stress and anxiety. Apply it on the nape of your neck, on your wrists, and your temples for instant relief.

Where to Buy Freshcare Oils

You can buy Fresh Care oils in a pharmacy near you. Alternatively, you can also buy them online through resellers on trusted marketplaces like Lazada and Shopee. The price of each Freshcare product is relatively cheap, so you can easily buy it in bulk to stock up your aromatherapy collection.

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