Clear and beautiful skin is what every woman craves for. Clear and radiant skin does not only keep you happy, but also boosts your confidence and make you stand out from the rest. Our hectic lifestyle is making us have a hard time maintaining a healthy skin. But with Fresh skincare products, you can glow like the morning sunshine all day and night. Click here to find out more about our magical Fresh skincare product.

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For a woman, beauty is so much more than just something that you can judge from. Beautiful skin is healthy skin. Today we are living in a world where we are constantly exposed to harsh weather. All the outdoor activities and as well as air condition rooms would eventually take a toll on your skin. Imagine if one day, when you wake up in the morning and look yourself in front of the mirror, all that you can see is a dull, wrinkled skin, blemished and dehydrated skin. Well, probably you might face this if you don’t take serious care of your skin starting from today. However, with our Fresh skincare products, you have all the help you need to maintain a healthy and radiant skin.

The History of Fresh

Fresh skincare products use natural ingredients and provide rich texture to bring you different intellectual experience. Fresh was founded in Boston in 1991 by Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg. Their aesthetic pursuits of art and life experience have resulted in the discovery of Fresh. Fresh combines both natural ingredients mainly brown sugar and modern technology to provide customers unforgettable experience and real results. Fresh is special to our heart because it is where ordinary everyday beauty habits are converted into sensual journey.

Our Star Products and their Benefits

  • Sugar Face Polish – Nourish, purify and exfoliate your skin. Besides that this scrub moisturize your skin, relieve skin and lighting.
  • Crème Ancienne Ultimate Nourishing Honey Mask – Nourishes your skin and has detoxifying properties.
  • Rose Face Mask – maintains the moisture of your skin and evens up your skin tone by. Besides that, antioxidants properties protect the skin from lighting.
  • Peony Brightening Night Treatment Mask – Reduce the appearance of dark spots and wrinkles. Other than that, it provides softer, clearer, brighter, even-toned and younger looking complexion.

Tips for Beautiful Skin

Fresh can do wonders to your skin, no doubt in that but there are also other factors that can contribute to your healthy skin. Fresh takes care of the exterior part of your face; meanwhile you should take care of your interior. Your skin would look greater if you pay attention in your food intake and also all the other biological factors. For optimum results, we have a listed a few tips for u to follow and achieve crystal clear skin.

  • Drink plenty of water – Yes! You got it right! 8 glasses a day is what we have learnt since schooling days. Do you know that the water you take in would flush out all the toxic in your body? Besides that, water helps to circulate a good blow flow in your body and reduce the heat in your body. All this great benefit could do wonders to your skin. So go fetch a glass of water right away and consume its goodness!
  • Remove make up before you go to bed – Never ever go to bed with your make up on. Do you know that your make up contains a huge amount of chemical, imagine what your skin would be exposed to while you are soundly asleep? Having your make up on for hours could clog your pores and cause rashes and breakout. Look at it this way, we human love to breath fresh air, don’t we? The same goes to our skin. Let our skin breath fresh air with no trace of chemical. All you have to do is wash your face thoroughly before you go to bed daily.
  • Never miss out your beauty sleep – Not all of us are fortunate to find the time for a good night sleep. However, the 8 hour sleep per day is very essential to your body and most importantly your skin. While we are asleep, our skin cells go through rejuvenation process. Your skin can only look healthy and radiant if you give your skin the chance to undergo this process. Thus, the only way you could do that is somehow squeeze in 8 hour of sleep in your busy schedule.
  • Go Green – One important thing that we should always look into is our food intake. It is not a secret anymore that the goodness you take in will reflect at the outside. In order to have healthy skin, you must take healthy food. No matter how much you dislike green leaves vegetables, you have to take it because this is the food that benefits your skin the most. You have to also eat more fruits and most importantly avoid junk food!

We offer you Fresh

We could understand that some of you are probably having a hard time allocating time to do shopping for your face. Fret not because we have brought the store to you. Here at iprice, we offer you the miracle skincare products from Fresh for great values. With iprice, your crystal clear healthy skin is just a click away. Shop now for the great health of your skin!