Bruce Boyer reminds us, “Real style is never right or wrong. It’s a matter of being yourself on purpose.” A designer who has always been true to himself, undeterred by nay sayers and one of the more accomplished multi-faceted designers around, Frederick John Perry, better known as Fred Perry is not only an accomplished sportswear and shirt designer, he was a world renown tennis extraordinaire who won Wimbledon three times. Now, Fred Perry in Malaysia produces clothing options for men, women and kids, complete with footwear and accessories. Scroll down to find out just how Fred Perry started drawing aces not just on the court but in the fashion scene too.


A guide to Fred Perry apparel in Malaysia

Over the years, the Fred Perry brand continued to deliver impeccable quality and even made the crossover from sportswear to streetwear. Quality remains as the center of this brand, as Fred Perry’s original slim fit cotton pique shirts are still made in England, featuring the same shape, using the same fabric that was used when the shirt was first launched in 1952. One of the more recognizable logos in the fashion world, Fred Perry’s laurel wreath logo was inspired by the designer’s accomplishments on the court. Fred Perry was a Davis Cup champion in addition to coming out on top at Wimbledon three times. What’s interesting to note, is that in the early stages of setting up the logo, Fred was considering using a pipe instead. This was because as a pipe smoker himself, he felt like the association related to him better and made more sense. However, Tibby Wegner, his Austrian business partner advised against it as it probably wouldn’t bode well with the female crowd. The Fred Perry brand remains as the benchmark of excellence in tennis clothing. Read more on a guide to the brand's most iconic pieces as well as the range of men's, women's, bags, and shoes available.

The Fred Perry polo shirt

There’s nothing more iconic than the Fred Perry polo shirt. You don’t have to be a fan of the brand to know it as it is the most recognisable item from their collection. It is a classic piece of British streetwear and the design is based on the basic tennis polo shirt which features a slim fit, cotton pique shirt adorned with the iconic Fred Perry wreath logo on the chest. It is typically worn buttoned all the way to the top of the collar which gives off a preppy look. Other than that, it has short, fitted sleeves and is available in men’s, women’s as well as children’s.


An additional signature item from the Fred Perry collection is their jackets particularly the Tipped Nylon track jacket. It features the brand’s signature tin tipping at the hem and the cuffs which run up the outside of the sleeves. It is a very convenient and comfortable jacket to wear that features front zip ends at a funnel neck as well as two large front pockets. The jacket bears resemblance to the bomber jacket with the overall cut and fit which is also available in the Fred Perry women’s collection.


Finish off your outfit of the day with another classic item from the Fred Perry footwear collection. The plimsolls figure is a prominent design in both the men’s and women’s collection. It is made with a canvas upper, flat cotton laces, rubber soles and not forgetting the wreath icon embroidered at the heel of the shoe. Other than that, men and women are able to choose from a vast range of tennis shoes that features leather uppers and various styles of tennis shoes.


The brand also produces a range of stylish accessories that leverage the wreath logo to create a look that standouts. Their wallets are especially popular among men which is made of Saffiano leather and come in bi-fold and zip-around designs. On the other hand, their bags are rather popular too particularly the Laurel Wreath Print Tote Bag in Grey. Fred Perry also offers a range of stylish hats, including a Straw Trillby and a Panelled Flat Cap.

Collections with celebrities

In order to create interesting variations on their core designs, the brand regularly collaborates with well-known figures in the fashion and music industry. For men, they have collaborated with Tour de France champion Bradley Wiggins’ self-proclaimed mod style that resonates closely with the brand image. The collection features cycling inspired zip-up t-shirts which are similar to the Fred Perry polo shirts as well as other designs which bear similarities to racing jerseys. It also features other outerwear products. On the other hand, women are able to look for items designed for the Amy Winehouse that reflects on the singer’s distinctive style. The foundation is to support the charity’s work for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.