Watch straps help compliment your look. For Fossil watches, straps are an essential part of the complete watch. Thankfully, you can find Fossil watch straps on iprice at great discounts and offers. Find out more here.


Fossil watch straps in Malaysia

Customize your Fossil watches with a huge variety of straps

Fossil as a brand has devised ways to customize user experience, that is, by providing multiple types of straps. Straps vary from colours to textures and material. Fossil is known for their signature leather straps when it comes to watches. The finest quality leather is woven into the design of each timepiece, bringing out the exquisite and luxury feel. One name you need to know when it comes to Fossil watch straps is Cecile. Fossil Cecile straps are the epitome of femininity and bring out the inner woman in you. Get ready to look your finest with Fossil Cecile watch collection – A light brown and white series of straps to compliment your premium timepiece.

A little bit about Fossil as a brand

Fossil watches are known as one of the world’s top luxury watch brand, prominent in their fashion-focused designs. As durability and finesse are part and parcel of the brand’s key elements, Fossil watch makers have managed to maintain the standard throughout the years. They proved that fashion is not perceived by the glam from the outside but by the way it complements the individual sense of style. With that in mind, Fossil designed watches that catered to anyone - men or women, feminine or edgy, playful or sophisticated. Hence, the invention of the interchangeable strap is by far the best option for customization of one’s Fossil watch.

Types of Fossil watch straps

If you’re familiar with Fossil watches, your keen eye will notice that the biggest difference in straps is firstly, the width. Next you’ll look for material, colour, size and feel of the watch on your wrist. Choosing a watch requires time, patience and an exquisite sense of fashion. For women, there are many Fossil straps for women on the iprice page that you could look out for. Here are some you might want to look into:

  • Fossil ES3565 Women's Georgia Three-Hand Leather Watch
  • Fossil ES3913 Women's Tailor Multifunction Leather Watch
  • Fossil ES3104 Stella Multifunction Leather Watch

For men, there are equally as many choices to choose from. You can check out the Fossil straps for men page on iprice or follow these suggestions below. Here are some you could look at to upgrade your wardrobe:

  • Fossil Men Nate Chronograph Brown Leather Watch JR1487
  • Fossil Men's FS5050 Breaker Analog Display Analog Quartz Black Watch
  • Fossil Men's ME3055 Grant Three-Hand Automatic Stainless Steel Watch - Silver-Tone

The best Fossil watch straps on iprice

Now that you know more on Fossil watch straps, it’s time to get the best for yourself. Get great discounts of up to 60% off on Fossil Straps, only at iprice! AM4532 Women's Cecile Multifunction Leather Watch, ES3565 Women's Georgia Three-Hand Leather Watch and Light Brown/White Cecile Multifunction Leather Watch AM4532 are popular Fossil Straps which you can purchase online. Jiangyuyan, Geneva and Blue lans are also available if you are looking for more options other than Fossil Straps. You can get Fossil Straps for RM 325.00 - RM 1580.00 on iprice! Basic colours like Silver, Grey and Gold are the most popular colours for Fossil Straps today. Happy shopping!