Looking attractive and stylish every day is a must. Variety comes in the form of accessories such as hand bags, hats, watches, bracelets and many others. Let’s talk about Fossil Bags that are much sought after by consumers in Malaysia. Find out more here.


Fossil Bags in Malaysia

Fossil – a company that manufactures and markets products accessories such as handbags, watches and jewellery was established in 1984 by Tom Kartsotis, and now has a head office of which is located in Richardson, Texas, United States. Extremely successfully in exporting its products to many countries in the world such as Japan, Europe, North America, Australia and of course Malaysia, Fossil has succeeded in disseminating its fashion around the world. In fact, Fossil has more than 10,000 employees spread across various countries around the world. Fossil bag enthusiasts won’t bother looking for their favourites in stores or at authorized retailers. The wisest way to get the best in Fossil bags is by visiting the Fossil bags page on iprice Malaysia. You can also get attractive discounts and offers just for you.

Famous Fossil Bags for Men in Malaysia

Among the many Fossil bags (and wallets) for men, two types are much loved by consumers in Malaysia. The two types most famous among men are:

  • Fossil Estate Messenger Bag
  • Fossil Preston Small Crossbody Bag

The first is the Fossil Estate Messenger Bag is mainly for hauling your laptop around. Look sharp and businessy with a Fossil Estate Messenger. A sling bag made of Nylon on the outside with protective padding on the inside. The inside of the bag has a dynamic cotton layering making it safe for you to bring a laptop. With a choice of blue and brown straps, this bag appears quick and elegant. Both Fossil Bag Packs are made of nylon on the outside with Fossil’s signature army green colouration. There are also two external pockets on the front so that you can store various items in it. Size wise, both bags are relatively large with a depth of 15 cm and a width that reaches 37 cm, suitable for use to college or to work. Get your very own Fossil bags for men right here.

Famous Fossil Bags for Women in Malaysia

Not much different from Fossil bags for men, Fossil bags for women also are the hot topic for today. There are two models of Fossil handbags for women famous now that are famous in the market today:

  • Fossil - Tessa Drawstring Dragonfly
  • Fossil - Emerson Satchel Brown Patchwork

Let’s look at what makes these two ladies attractive. For starters, the Dragonfly Fossil Drawstring Tessa is dipped in dark Turquoise, capturing the eyes of a potential mate. Colours of this grandeur also enables this bag to boost women to socialize. Made from genuine leather on the outside, while inside is made of cotton, the Dragonfly Fossil Drawstring Tessa a perfect combination of work and play. Straps at the top allow for security when storing all your needs.

Similar to the Dragonfly Fossil Drawstring Tessa, the Emerson is Fossil Satchel Brown Patchwork is made of genuine leather on the outside and on the inside, fabric coating or lining fabrics. This bag is quite large with a width of 13.5 cm and 28 cm high making it suitable for women with lots of accessories. Classy!

All the products from Fossil mentioned above can be found online with iprice Malaysia. You also can find more specific products such as Fossil Tote Bag, Sling Bag Fossil, Duffel Bags and Wallets Fossil Fossil. Of course we offer attractive discounts for the purchase of certain products from Fossil. Happy shopping!