When people see how clothes make a person, FOS proves that it is possible to look gorgeous or handsome with its vast collection of simple, basic pieces. Thanks to its affordable quality apparel, you can make your own personal fashion statement without spending a lot of time and money. Read more about FOS in Malaysia here below to find out.

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Tricks to Make Your Basic Clothes Look More Sophisticated with FOS

As one of most popular clothing retail chains in the world, FOS specializes in affordable quality apparel. Needless to say, FOS clothing proves that it is possible to look gorgeous or handsome with basic designs. It is surprising to hear how famous fashionista can achieve their fashionable outfits with just simple pieces from FOS. Most people wear basic clothes the wrong way. Here are some of the hottest tricks you can follow to make your basic clothes look more sophisticated, especially with FOS clothes.

Replace the Buttons

You need to be brave to ditch those basic plastic buttons and replace them with something that looks richer (not in terms of cost).Try to use materials such as bone, shell,metal, wood, pearl or others. You can get them online from any online store or trimming shops. The keyelement hereis toavoid tacky-looking buttons.

Ifyou are in the mood of reusing, you should try getting them from old clothes you do not wear anymore. Through this method, you can assemble a group of gorgeous buttons to suit your desired appearance. Amazingly, you are able to create your own personal style that becomes your signature look.

Create a Smooth Silhouette Under Your Clothes

For ladies, bra lines and visible panty lines are distracting and make your clothes look flimsy and ill-fitting.Since most "cheap" clothes can be tacky in many ways you do not notice, you must take measures to minimize all those bumps and distractions. All you really need are a well-fitted bra, a slip, or a lightweight shapewear becausethey have the desired effect (well-proven covering technique) of making your clothes look instantly more sophisticated and luxurious. Most of the time, it is how you wear your clothes that matters and even well-tailored outfits can be unflattering when you wear them wrongly.

Choose Black over Brown

While brown and other earthy colors (olive, mauve, umberand khaki) are warm tones that can be stylish, they often end up looking dingy, dull, and dirty when used in prints and low-quality materials. They have the tendency to display sad and cheap vibes; something that you must avoid when wearing them. Instead, you should focus on black, white, and other saturated colors that are crisp and bright.

Keep it Simple & Steady

If you are not sure what simple clothing means, you can start by buying any pieces that have no jeweled embellishments or pleated tops. Considered asbasic, theseitems are usually affordable because details like these are hard to get on budget prices. From there, you will understand the simplicity of wearing basic clothes and enhance them by streamlining your entire look as a whole. You are also taking steps to build your own fashion sense steadily.

At the same time, you can begin to appreciate how versatile and simple it is to create your unique fashion styles. However, you should be tactful because it does not mean that you can stack more than three little bracelets or necklaces in order to make them more impactful. Before you leave yourhome,themost important question you have to ask yourself is how you can make your entire outfit look sleeker.

Invest in FashionableStatement Pieces & Trendy Accessories

Despite the popularity of high-low fashion trend, most people are doing it wrong because they achieve the opposite effect with poor mixes and matches. Whenever it is possible, you do not have to spend so much for the sameitem you can get for a lower cost at other places. A lot of people forget that anyone will not be able to tell the difference between the cheap and expensive items when they are similar anyway. Practically, these items are going to wear out before you are done with them.

A more prudent decision is to save your money for the attention-grabbing pieces that can become the central focus of your outfits. You should also grab timeless and versatile classics because they can be worn in many different ways creatively. These are the real items you can trust to make your personal fashion statement.

Considerto Use Your Steamer

While wrinkles can make anything look cheap, ironing is a hassle and you cannot ironmostsynthetics anyway. Since the old-fashioned iron demands both time andattention, asteamer does a faster and better job than iron. Agood steamer can blast wrinkles out of just about anything in a couple of minutes. It makes even your basic clothes "sparkle" with style all the time.In fact, steamer is commonly used by retail stores and clothing boutiques to keep their clothes clean and crisp.

In between washes,steam the piece the night before and leave it hanging in a room with open windows overnight. Then,the cold night air will help neutralize any lingering odors and by morning the piece should be ready to wear. Another thing you should do is to avoidhanging your clothes in the bathroom while you take an extra-long shower. This is because theambient steam in a bathroom is not enough to get out tough wrinkles and it is a huge waste of water. With steamer, you can save time, effort, and even money in maintaining the fresh look of your basicclothes.