You do not have to stand out with expensive fashion as Forever 21 in Malaysia offers affordable clothing designs for every charismatic youth out there. Read below to learn how you can dress for a music festival with the brand.

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A guide to music festival dressing with Forever 21 Malaysia

No matter what music festival you attend the thought of having what to wear goes through every festival goers mind. Nonetheless, there are very specific vibes depending on the event you choose to attend. Here are a few must-haves that will guarantee that you will blend in with the other festival goers.

Get the right footwear

It would be great if one was able to get the festival look down, but be reminded that there will be a lot of walking as well as dancing at the music festival. At times we may be tempted to get that fancy pair of sandals but it would be better to stick to a solid pair of shoes that can last you throughout the whole event, particularly if you plan to attend multiple days. So, it is advisable to bring more than one pair of shoes to switch it up. Boots are ideal footwear as it can prevent your feet from getting dirty from mud. You can also wear socks for the extra comfort. In case of a shoe emergency, do bring a pair of sandals as a backup. It is also best to avoid heels as you would not want to end up with chafe ankles or blisters after a long day of partying.

Sun protective accessories

As you will be spending a long time outdoors, it is important to consider sun protective accessories as items on your festival checklist. The most important accessory would be sunglasses as it does not only help protect your eyes from the harsh UV rays, it also a stylish accessory that will complement your outfit. Hats are also an important accessory as the weather throughout the few days of the event might be unpredictable. Whether you choose a nice fedora or a floral headgear, make sure to gravitate towards lighter colours as darker colours tend to absorb more rays causing you to overheat. It also makes it easier for you to spot your friends in the crowd.

Bring a roomy bag

You can forget about that adorable tiny bag as it will serve no purpose. As an alternative, opt for a medium-sized bag such as a backpack that can fit all your essentials as well as keep you hands-free while you enjoy the show. Your bag will always be in sight as you do not have to worry about having your friends look after your bag for you. The items to include in the bag should be a water bottle, snacks, sunscreen, wet wipes, powerbank, hair ties, band aids, cash and other necessities. Also, be reminded to have it with you at all times. Music festivals are generally pretty safe, but there are a handful of shady people as well. So it is important to be prepared and be aware of the people around you.

Loose fitting clothes

You still can look trendy with looser fitting clothes particularly if you will be standing under the hot sun for many hours. Instead of a bodycon dress, opt for a breezy strapless maxi or a pair of denim shorts. This will keep the sun damage at a minimum while keeping you cool, covered, and calm.

Other collections from Forever 21 Malaysia for the perfect festival vibe

Chic and stylish Women clothes collection

There is no rule when it comes to women fashion. It changes so fast that the moment you put on this season’s designs, others would have already started a new trend. However, some designs are there to stay. You can always dress to impress with a basic mix and match of anything at all with Forever 21’s best-selling items.

For Malaysia's tropical weather, nothing is as exquisite as a set of Forever 21 Tops and Forever 21 Skirts designs for Women. If you want to go for a more formal look, simply browse through Forever 21 Blouse collection. For those who prefer elegant yet chic look, you can always search for unique designs from Forever 21 Dresses collection.

Youthful and charismatic Men clothes collection

Even though Forever 21 is more celebrated by women, its Men collection is in fact very popular among guys too! Dress up in Forever 21 designs that reflect perfectly the young and urban lifestyle of the Filipinos.

Forever 21 is also famous for its jeans with several styles that made to fit perfectly for all body types. From skinny jeans, flare jeans to ripped jeans, we are certain that you can find your favourite pairs for exceptionally affordable prices. You can even add edge to your style with Forever 21 Jewellery and Forever 21 Shoes for Women. Don’t be afraid to play around with accessories to define your own unique sense of style!