You find them on roads all over the world. Ford cars and vehicles are among the biggest of car brands in the world.The most popular of the models here in Malaysia are Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus, and the Ford Ranger. Find out more about some brilliant cars Ford Malaysia has made below.


4 Ford Cars that Revolutionized the World

Built tough!

Go anywhere in the world and you will find one car brand present on the roads – Ford. This automobile mogul has been producing vehicles since the 18th century. Ford has conquered the market of automobiles all over the world. In Europe, Ford is one of the biggest and most reliable brands of cars. In the US, Ford is a founding pillar of the automotive industry. In Asia, Ford has brought in cars to suit our lifestyle. Even in motorsport, Ford is known as a huge competitor. Here in the Malaysia, Ford brings in only the best cars, SUVs, trucks, hybrids, and commercial vehicles for us to use. Read more to find out about the four Ford cars that revolutionized the automotive world.

Ford Model T

If you’ve never heard of the Ford Model T, don’t go looking for one on the road. This is because the Ford Model T is the first Ford ever made. In the automotive industry, Ford was the first car manufacturer in the US to assemble and mass-produce automobiles. As a company, Ford Motor Company went with the Ford Model T. As the great grandfather of Ford cars, the Ford Model T was considered the most influential car of the 20th century.

With its emergence, the future of transportation was born. From then on, the world saw a boom in technology for movement and personal transportation. With it, many other companies moved into car making and competed against Ford for the title of best automobile maker. Ford’s evolution from the Model T to other impressive models of cars proved to the world the company’s determination in automobile research and pioneering.

Ford Mustang

One of the world’s most popular coupe cars, the Ford Mustang gained immediate fame when it came out in 1962. Loved by fans all over the world thanks to its sporty but comfy interior, fierce stance, large engine, and small price tag, the Mustang was dubbed “pony car” before it was given its signature name. The sleek looks of the Mustang are said to be designed after the P-51 Mustang fighter plane from World War II.

Mustangs generally came in a few varieties. You had the option of a fastback (the prettiest coupe shape), a convertible, a hardtop, and a sports roof. As time went by, the Mustang evolved into a sportier car. With the GT variants out, Mustangs became the prized possession of people all over the US. From the average Joe to Hollywood film stars, the Ford Mustang became a symbol of class and automotive awareness.

Today, the latest Mustang boasts fuel efficiency along with performance specs that stand on decades of experience in creating fine automotive motoring. The Mustang EcoBoost and other variants provide the ultimate option for those who love their muscle cars.

Ford Escort

Although the name doesn’t sound like much, the Ford Escort is a car that has changed the way we see automobiles. In 1968, the first Ford Escort was out in the market and people loved it. Its simplicity and elegance in how it fit together as a family car as well as a two-door coupe wowed people all over the world. The Escort Mk 1 was developed to compete in the British car scene.

Not too long after its appearance in the automobile world, the Ford Escort was thrust into performance motorsports. In particular, the Escort was brought into the Rally Championships and dominated each race. Its lightweight chassis and zippy engine allowed it to handle perfectly around corners. It's rear-wheel drive also gave it the power and grip it needed to fly through the straights and zip through corners. Winning in performance motorsport only made the Escort more popular.

The last of the Escort series premiered in the late 1990s as the TX-3 was brought into production. Thanks to the Escorts amazing track run, Ford has developed technology to bring its cars one step further to the future.

Ford F150

You may find it peculiar that no trucks were mentioned in Ford’s best vehicles. Well, here it is! The Ford F150. Many of us know it today as the Ford Raptor. The Ford F150 was spawned from a long line of F-series trucks that for brought in. particularly in the US, Ford had a knack for pick-up trucks and SUVs from the early years. The promise of a reliable, tough pickup truck came with the F150.

Watch any western movie and you may notice the Ford F150 in the background. This is because the powerful truck is a staple of America’s automobile scene. Even first responders and police are so fond of the truck, they use it often. The F150 is also seen as a symbol of power and dominance. You are considered macho and manly if you drive one.

Now that you know more about 4 Ford cars that changed the world, you might want to get yourself something from Ford too! Check out Ford automotive page or choose some of Ford clothing that put you as the biggest fan.