You do not have to dress up in extravagant clothing labels to look classy, because a pair of loafers can go a long way. Whether you choose to wear loafers for a casual or formal event, there is one for every occasion. Learn more about the different types of loafers in Malaysia below.


A Guide to Different Types of Loafers

The loafers have a long history which goes all the way back to the 1930s. Hailing from Norway, the first ever loafers were named “Aurland moccasin” and were made for the Norwegian farmers. Initially an unknown shoe in the fashion industry, it scored a grandiose position on the reputable American men’s magazine, Esquire which led to its rise in popularity. As more and more people became obsessed with the versatility of the shoe, a new type of loafers known as the “penny loafers” was introduced by G.H Bass which soon became a hit amongst fashion connoisseurs. Read on to learn more about the different styles that this footwear has to offer.

Kiltie loafers

Perhaps one of the more old school looking footwear, the Kiltie loafers might take you back to the Victorian era. The main feature of this shoe is the fringed tongue which may be confused as tassles.

Penny loafers

Undoubtedly the most popular type of loafer shoes, the penny loafers typically features a leather strap across the top with a diamond shaped design. In the early 1930s, a shoe company named its version loafers Weejuns which was renamed penny loafers once the popularity grew. The idea for the name stemmed from the idea where children used to hide a penny under their loafers to use for emergency calls back when payphones still existed.

Pump loafers

These types of loafers are best suited to be worn with a tuxedo as they are typically black, shiny, and have a very low vamp. Make sure to pick the right pair of socks to go with the shoe due to its low vamp. Pump loafers are not an everyday wear and should be reserved for occasions that are more formal.

Tassel loafers

The origins of tasselled loafers still remain a mystery, but it was not until the 1950s that it gained popularity thanks to shoe manufacturer Alen Shoe Co. One of the more timeless designs, the loafers are also very versatile and look great when worn with jeans, chinos or shorts.

Slipper loafers

As an alternate for pump loafers, the slipper loafers are usually made from various comfortable materials such as suede and velvet. Back in the days, the loafers were known as Smoking Slippers or Opera Slippers.

Driving loafers

Believe it or not, the driving loafers were meant to be worn solely for the purpose of driving. This is due to the design of the shoe which features a flat bottom with rubber grip which would not get caught on the pedals.

When it comes to fashion, especially the flats game, don’t just “play safe” for there are endless ways to show the world your uniqueness through different style statements. So unleash your inner fashionista with the right loafers now! Some of the most popular brands are 24: 01 Loafers, Calvin Klein Loafers, and TOD's Loafers.