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Attention badminton players! Fleet badminton gear in Malaysia is now at the lowest prices online with iprice. Find out more here.

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Fleet badminton gear in Malaysia

Dato’ Lee Chong Wei is proof that Malaysia is number one when it comes to badminton. Our passion for the sport has been passed down through generations. For some of us, badminton is not only a sport, but a vital part of our lifestyle. Hence, we trust only the best in badminton gear available in Malaysia. Among these, there lies a brand that many consider to be premium and durable – Fleet. Primarily in the industry of making racquet frames, Fleet has conquered the market for racquets in Malaysia thanks to its lightweight frame and years of research to back up its design. You’ll definitely want to get Fleet racquets in Malaysia at low prices. Thankfully, you can! With iprice, you can get Fleet racquets at amazing prices without any hassle. Find out more with the links below.

Fleet International’s achievements in badminton

Sometimes unheard of, Fleet has been working in the background to make badminton great again in Malaysia. Slowly but surely, the brand has risen to take over much of the badminton scene without being in the limelight. The company started off as Fleet International Holdings but is more commonly known as Fleet. Over the years Fleet has achieved many milestones in its progress as a brand. Most of these milestones are celebrated with the creation of the ‘Biggest’ or ‘Largest’ version of badminton-related gear. Here are some of Fleet’s milestones as recorded in the Malaysian Book of Records:

  • The Largest Badminton Tournament 2003
  • The Biggest Shuttlecock Replica 2005
  • The Largest Badminton Tournament 2005
  • The Largest Mountain Climbing Expedition 2005
  • The Largest Fitness Clinic 2006
  • The Biggest Racquet Replica 2006
  • The Biggest Shuttlecock Replica 2006
  • The Longest Badminton Marathon 2008
  • The Largest Jalur Gemilang Made of Shuttlecocks 2008
  • The Biggest Hibiscus Formation Using Shuttlecocks 2013
  • Twin Towers Formation Using Shuttlecocks 2014
  • The Longest Non-Stop Shuttlecock Hitting In Relay 2015

All of these events prove that fleet has become a brand that brings the biggest news in the badminton industry. As such, Fleet products are much desired thanks to the hard work and research and development put into its badminton gear.

The science of badminton

When it comes to badminton, there are a few vital things to get right. Once you’ve got these covered, you can proceed to master the sport and aspire to be a world champion. Badminton requires 4 key elements to get your game on:

  • Badminton racquet
  • Badminton shoes
  • Shuttlecocks
  • Badminton court

Generally players will rent a court to practice or have a badminton tournament. In Malaysia, you can find badminton courts for rent by the hour almost anywhere in the city or outskirts. That leaves you with the options of badminton racquets, shoes and shuttlecocks. Let Fleet give you some tips on how to choose the right gear for badminton.

Choosing Fleet badminton racquets

Choosing a Fleet badminton racquet is fairly simple. Look for the size of the racquet firstly. If you are looking for a child’s racquet, the size will be relatively smaller than the adult one. Secondly, test the weight of the racquet to see if it matches your playing style. You may have to try multiple types of Fleet racquets to get that perfect swing. If you love to smash, go for a medium to heavy version. If you feel it is too heavy, go for something lighter – The lighter, the better. For advanced users, string tension also can be a factor into how far or how powerful each swat is. Don’t forget to get one of the Fleet bags to wrap your racquet once you’re done playing. For a large selection of Fleet racquets in Malaysia at the lowest prices, you can browse the Fleet racquet sports page or go for any of these Fleet racquets:

  • Fleet Duo Tech 11 (Dual Optimum System) Badminton Racquet
  • Fleet Volitant F-Force II RedBlack Edition Badminton Racquet
  • FLEET Max X110 Nano Power Badminton Racquet
  • Fleet High Tension Frame 9 Power Frame Structure Silver Black Badminton Racquet
  • Fleet Super Light 7 Badminton Racquet

Let’s simplify it for you based on what products are hot-selling on iprice. The Duo Tech 11 (Dual Optimum System) (Duora 10 Feeling) Badminton Racket and Duo Tech 11 (Dual Optimum System) Badminton Racquets with complimentary Apacs Elite Guts and Tattoo Grip are some of Fleet’s best sellers. So are the Volitant F-Force II RedBlack Edition (Super Slim Shaft) and the Fleet Max X110 Nano Power Badminton Racquet.

Although specializing in racquets, Fleet has a series of other products such as Fleet shoes to add to the collection of badminton gear.

Shopping for Fleet products online at iprice

If Fleet does not meet your style, then take a look at other brands such as Hypergear, Apacs and YONEX! With various collections available within the price range of RM 39.00 – RM 500.00, Fleet certainly has the right product for any budget. Choose yours now at iprice today for extra savings! From Sports & Outdoors, Bags and Shoes, you can find varieties of products from Fleet that would suit you. Yellow, Silver and Red are amongst the most popular colours from Fleet products. Find discounts up to 55% for Fleet products only on iprice!