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Named after an artic fox in Swedish for their adaptability in the harsh weather of Sweden, Fjallraven Kanken has become a worldwide name that is loved by and sought after by many outdoor enthusiasts. The founder Åke Nordin, designed his first innovative bagpack in 1950s at the age of 14 that helped the wearer to have more space and for weight to be evenly distributed around the bag. He made a frame bag from wooden materials and hand-sew the fabric himself. That is, the starting point for the brand which then expanded into a worldwide label for travel and hiking.

Their best-selling bag, the Kanken Classic made in 1978 is the perfect bag for mountain scaling or even school. The logo acts as reflector for night time activities so it would be easy to find and track the owner of the bag. There’s also a name and address label inside bag. It is designed complete with a small area with a zippered compartment for users to store the little and important things such as passports or stationeries.

The brand is extremely famous here in Malaysia for its lightweight feel which makes it the perfect bag to be used for school. It does not add the weight from the heavy textbooks which helped ease the movement of the children. The laptop bag is one of the all-time favourites for its extra compartment specifically for the laptop to prevent it from getting mixed up with other appliances like the adapter and other electrical cords.

The backpack is designed in different shades of vibrant colours for kids and young adults to choose from. Users can also choose from their more subtle colours collection for those who loves to be more discreet to blend in with nature during their trekking activities. Malaysians can safely place their trust in Fjallraven Kanken to never let them down during their unexpected journey.

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