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Traditions are the act of practicing our culture in many forms of ways and traditions are usually passed down from a generation to another generation after that. This is called cultural transmission and it has been going on for more than a hundred years now. One important cultural transmission that has maintained its standard till today would be traditional wear. What is the first thing that will pop in your mind when you come across a lady wearing a gorgeous traditional wear such as 'baju kurung' or 'jubah'? Definitely elegance! That is exactly what First Lady offers you - elegance with its latest and trendiest Malay fashion wear with a touch of modern twist.

First Lady Malaysia Prices

First Lady has an impressive and beautiful collection of Malay fashion consisting of 'jubah' and 'baju kurung'. The impeccable fashion wear from First Lady are designed in such a way to enhance the natural beauty and elegance of a woman. Even with all the detailed embroidery and handwork, First Lady is still an affordable brand by everyone. The pricing ranges from RM 28.00 onwards.

About First Lady

First Lady has always been the synonym of good quality and great design of Muslim wear for an affordable price. It suits the lifestyles and the needs of the Malay and Muslim people since 1986 and the first store was open at the Ampang Park shopping mall. Great knowledge on the market and the trend contributed to the success of First Lady till today. Now with 39 stores around Malaysia and 3 more in Singapore, First Lady proves how culture can bring success if we continue to treasure it.

First Lady Social Media

With all the stuff that keep us busy and occupied, how do you not lose track of what is happening around you? Well, the answer would be social media and you are not alone in this because it has become a global trend to be actively involved in the social media world. Now when you find it impossible to meet people in person, social media help you remain connected with people no matter where you are. Besides that social media can be used to promote a brand and First Lady uses this platform as well to ensure it reaches its global consumers. You can follow First Lady on Facebook to get updated on the latest items and also exclusive discount.