Slipper is the most convenient footwear that one could ever have. Shopping trip or a walk around a park will never be comfortable without flippers. Here at iprice Malaysia, we offer you comfortable and stylish Fipper slippers for amazing values. Click here to find out more.

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Get Comfy and Keep Walking With Fipper Malaysia

Living in a world where everything today is about being up to date and glamorous, people tend to forget the joy in living a carefree and laid back life. For a moment, push aside your stilettos and sneakers and think about a pair of footwear that gives freedom to your feet. Yes, a pair of slippers could be the only one that crosses your mind. For those who might assume that slippers are boring and can never be stylish enough, well we are going to prove you wrong. Life is a journey and throughout this journey your one companion that will never let you down is a pair of Fipper.

About Fipper Malaysia

Nothing in this world can be as good as having ultimate freedom. Fipper is all about letting yourself free and most importantly letting your feet walk freely on this earth. Founded in 2008, Fipper is a fresh creation that symbolises the fun of colour and creativity in your life. The high quality products that give the users a taste of premium are a fusion of cool and the love for tropics in their designs. Today, besides Malaysia, Fipper is one of the leading slipper manufacturers in Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, Vietnam and Brunei. Although Fipper has just penetrated the market, it has gained wide recognition. It has won the World’s SMEs Best Brands Awards in 2013. Fipper does not just want to be mundane footwear in the block. It strives to deliver fresh designs – designs that we can only dream of. With Fipper, you can be fun and fearless.

Fipper Malaysia: Why Do You Choose Fipper?

There are many brands in the market today that offer you slippers. They might look no different than Fipper. However, we assure you that Fipper is one of a kind that provides more than what you can see. In addition to manufacturing high quality products, Fipper also truly cares for you and the environment.

  • Did you know that most slippers contain Biphenol-A (BFA) which is an endocrine disruptor? It causes bad effects to infants and fetal as this disruptor can copy your hormone. Fipper does not contain BPA as its products are made out of natural rubber. The good news is natural rubber is free from BPA.
  • We need to take care of our environment for the future generation. Fipper cares for you and your children. How? Fipper does not harm the environment in any ways as the natural rubber is biodegradable.
  • Your health is wealth. With that in mind, unlike common Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) slippers, Fipper designs its slippers to be free from any bacterial infections.
  • Ever had a bad experience of falling due to slippery floor? Well, with Fipper’s slip resistant slippers that are made out of 100% natural rubber latex, you can walk fearlessly and confidently.
  • Be carefree with Fipper as the slippers from Fipper are washable and can be maintained easily. If you accidently stepped on a muddy road, fret not. With a good wash, you are all set to hit the streets again.
  • Walking can be very tiring sometimes and if your step on a rough patch on the road, you soles can be hurt even more. With Fipper shock absorbent soles, you can now walk comfortably and pain-free.

Fipper Malaysia: Unique Concept and Design

Fipper does not take rest when it comes to the creative department. Continuously setting the trend with its remarkable colour choices and amazing models, Fipper attracts even those who have just learned to walk. Fipper started off with only one line; Fipper Classic. However due to high demands in the market, this dedicated brand managed to come up with more than 20 ranges of slipper collections in a short period of time. Sticking to the original design, which is a thong-strap connected to a sole, Fipper successfully experimented and innovated the slipper fashion world with its diverse and unique designs.

Fipper Malaysia: Fun and Stylish Collections

Fipper has a wide range of fun, stylish and colourful collection for men and women. Catered to children, teenagers and adults, Fipper is the ultimate choice for your family.

  • Fipper Urbanite
  • Fipper Classic
  • Fipper Slim
  • Fipper Comfort
  • Fipper Wide
  • Fipper Slick
  • Fipper Black Series
  • Fipper Black-S Series
  • Fipper Strapy
  • Fipper Heel-V
  • Fipper Kids
  • Fipper Junior

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When you feel carefree and when you want to enjoy what the world has to offer to you, Fipper is your best choice. At iprice Malaysia, we make your life easier. With this easy and hussle-free online store, your favourite pair of Fipper is just a click away. Happy shopping!