Fila Malaysia is a brand that cares a lot about the active lifestyle. They are known for their premium fabric that is designed to enhance the sophistication of Italian craftsmanship and also having maximum flexibility and performance. Currently, the most popular Fila shoe is the Fila Disruptor 2 and it is making waves across Asia. Besides making shoes, their Fila t-shirts are some of the most stylish activewear you can get. Make your workout better and more stylish with Fila.


Frequent Answers and Questions about Fila

Who owns Fila?

Yoon-Soo Yoon is the current CEO of Fila while Jon Epstein is the president of Fila USA.

What does Fila brand stand for?

Federation Internationale des Luttes Associees.

When did Fila come out?

Fila was founded in 1911 in Italy however in 1973, Fila became a sports company.

Where are Fila shoes made?

Fila shoes and products are made in China.

What is Fila brand?

Fila is a sports brand company founded in Italy but is currently owned and operated in South Korea. They sell everything from sport shoes to casual shoes and apparel.

What are the top Fila Shoe Series?

  • Disruptor
  • Spaghetti
  • MB
  • Campora
  • Tourissimo
  • Immortality
  • Forerunner
  • OG
  • F13
  • Classico
  • Echoshock
  • BBN
  • Decimal
  • Brigade
  • Identity

Fila Women Shoe Size Guide

USA 6 6.5 7 7.5 8 8.5 9 9.5 10
UK 3.5 4 4.5 5 5.5 6 6.5 7 7.5
EUR 36.5 37.5 38 38.5 39 39.5 40 41 41.5
MM 238 242 246 251 255 259 263 268 272

Fila, the essence of Italian craftsmanship

Believe it or not, Fila was first a company that manufactured underwear before they ventured out into the sports world that made a huge difference in the world that we are living in today. Founded in 1911 by the Fila brothers turned their focus towards sportswear and athletic shoes in the 1970 under the direction of Enrico Frachey, the company’s director who transformed Fila into a global sportswear brand.

In the 20th century, tennis was gaining a huge following as it was the perfect representation of grace, style and the liveliness of the human spirit. As the company was preparing for their debut in the sportswear industry, Frachey together with Alessandro Galliano, the engineering director and Pier Luigi Rolando, the designer first needed to understand that sports is actually life expressed through motion, and that sportswear must not overpower but complement the athlete. This understanding brought forth a type of fabric that mirrored the movements of the athletes themselves, sticking on like a second skin with restricting their movement.

The end result of their collaboration was the premier outwear collection from Rolando’s designs that features wool and cashmere. And after the introduction of the “White Line” collection, Fila firmly established their name as one of the top sports apparel industry. Today, Fila is a brand that is synonymous with performance and sophistication. Their wide range of incredible collection includes sports apparels, sports and everyday footwear and vintage apparels for men and women without forgetting children. At Fila, it’s all about standing out, showing to the world your capability and becoming legendary by making history.

A brand of performance and sophistication

One of the most famous logo that was ever created in the face of this earth is for Fila. It has been on many of the world’s best athletes as they compete for their glory, a fact that substantially strengthens the brand internally and externally. Its logo is a symbol of elegance, excellence and grandeur and can be instantly recognized on the sports and apparel industry.

Fila uses two different colors to symbolize their logo. The red bar which is found on the letter F adds uniqueness to the initial and is a symbol of passion, vigor, dynamism, purity and business responsibility. The blue color, which is the color for the rest of the logo symbolizes trustworthiness, reliability and commitment in service.

Stand out and not blend in with Fila

Fila has seen many wins and made special relationships with incredible athletes who are born with incomparable performance. Their big debut started off in the tennis court with some of the greatest names like Adriano Panatta, Paolo Bertolucci and the incredible Bjorn Borg, who made his name in the sports industry with the F-Box logo proudly displayed on his polo tee and headband. They even placed their name in the highest mountain in the world, the Everest thanks to Reinhold Messner who was the first to scale the highest peak without the aid of additional oxygen in high-tech mountain gear that was designed by Fila.

One of their proudest moment was supporting Kim Clijsters who made history when she worn the US opens in 2009 and 2010 after coming out of an 18 months retirement. And to celebrate their 100th anniversary in 2011, she won the 2011 Australia Open wearing a replica of one of Goolagoong-Cawley’s memorable outfits from the early 80s. Fila even designed a special “Trophy Collection” for Clijsters to wear for her last Grand Slam tournament in her amazing tennis career. When NBA star, Grant Hill became an endorser for one of Fila’s shoes, their popularity skyrocketed which enabled them to join the ranks of Nike and Reebok, the biggest names in the sports industry.

A Legacy that turned to Legendary

Fila is known for being one of the best sports manufacturers in the world. Some of their best shoes includes

The Cage by Fila
Although the brand is known for their tennis shoes and stylish work out suits, Fila is also very strong in the basketball field too. The Cage was designed in the 1990s and became Fila’s most beloved basketball sneakers up to this very day. The Cage features a futuristic design with caged like heel in the back for support and style.
The Jam Ball by Fila
What makes the Jam Ball special is its very sole. Who needs herringbone and other boring stuff when you can have an actual basketball player as the sole of your shoe? A big plus point for design! The sneaker is made of white leather in the upper with the player’s arm extending to the heel holding a basketball.
Grant Hill by Fila
When Grant Hill, the famous NBA player back in the 1990s signed a contract with Fila, history was changed forever. His first Signature shoe, the Grant Hill 1 became an instant hit and made Fila a strong competitor in the basketball category. Up to this very minute, this sneaker is hands down Fila’s best-selling shoe that sold over 1.5 million pairs.

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