Don’t know what to do with your Fiffy products? Or having a hard time choosing the right Fiffy products for your baby. Follow the tips below to make your new parenting life so much easier.

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General Newborn Care Guide with Fiffy Malaysia

Parents, everyone knows how hard taking care of a newborn child is. There are so many things you got to remember or avoid doing for the sake of your baby’s health and safety. From clothing to toys, everything you buy for your baby must be certified and toxic-free. The great thing about Fiffy Malaysia is that they ensure safety, hygiene, and comfort in all their products. With over 600 outlets, you can easily and quickly visit your local market or shopping centre to get your own Fiffy baby products. The guide below can help new parents and experienced parents who seek additional information.

Be diligent with clothing

Dressing your little one is not the same as dressing yourself. There are several factors you need to consider when buying clothes for your little one. First, you must prioritize their safety by avoiding items with choking hazards like buttons, clips, bows, ribbons, and so on. If the clothing does have any of those accent pieces, make sure you secure them by sewing an extra thread or remove them altogether.

Next, make sure you shop based on your baby’s weight and not their age. Not all babies in the same age category weigh the same because some babies grow faster than others. It’s recommended to shop based on weight and choose one size ahead of the baby’s age will allow your baby to wear the clothes comfortably and extensively.

Afterwards, choose clothing items that will be easy to take on and off. Let’s be honest, babies are fussy. When changing clothes, they tend to move all their limbs, making it hard for moms and dads to dress them up. Clothes with easy access containing stretchy elastic hems or snaps and zippers can ease this process for you.

Lastly, pick clothing with comfortable and breathable materials. Clothing with tulle, pleats and other decorations can cause redness and rashes. Washable materials are best to decrease the time needed to hand-wash or iron your baby’s clothes.

Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize

Babies are extremely prone to diseases, that’s why it’s crucial to sanitize everything and choose chemical-free products. Fiffy baby pads, food feeder, baby bottles, cups, utensils, and breastfeeding tools are all dishwasher and freezer safe, so all kinds of bacteria can be eliminated easily. They also offer bottle brushes to allow you to wash all the baby bottles thoroughly. If you want to take it to the next level, after washing you can add a sterilizing process. There three main ways to sterilize; by boiling, disinfecting, and steaming.

To sterilize by boiling, place your bottles, cups, teats, and utensils in a large saucepan over the stove. Add water till it covers all the items and brings them to a boil. Boil for 5 minutes straight so the water is hot enough to kill the germs, turn off the fire, and allow it to cool down. After it cools, store it in a clean container and place it in the fridge. Re-do the steps if the items are not used within 24 hours.

The use of chemicals is sometimes permitted if it contains disinfectant elements and is safe for babies and toddlers. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instruction first before using the disinfectant and dilute it in some water. Then, submerged all the items in the solution and wait for 30 minutes or what the brand recommends. Drain all the liquid solution before using but do not rinse the sterilizing solution.

The last method requires you get a sterilizing container that raises its temperature to kill the bacteria. Once you’ve gotten one, place all the utensils upside down inside the sterilizer and add water to the equipment. Turn the sterilizer on and leave them in there until needed. Make sure to always follow instructions as well to avoid damaging your baby utensils and sterilizer.

Play time is quality time

Babies can develop their mental and physical skills through educational toys. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right sort of toys that could help in the growth of your babies’ skills. To choose the proper playthings, consider these factors.

Choose appropriate toys for your child’s age. Younger infants and newborns are supposed to focus on the development of their hand-eye coordination, embracing their senses, and improve their mobility. Rattle toys, boxes, and squeeze dolls are fitting for younger babies. For older babies and toddlers, you can get them geometric boxes, toy cars, dolls, and nesting cups.

Keep your toys simple and choose the ones that allow the most creativity and spontaneity. Those that are too complicated can confuse your baby and stunt their mental growth. Also, be sure to avoid toys with a choking hazard warning because babies tend to bite their toys.

Lastly, it’s better to steer clear of electronics and gadgets. In this day and age, it’s understandable to calm your children by propping them in front of the television or use smartphones and tablets. Research suggests that gadgets and electronic toys can be a danger to children’s health and development. So, if you want your child to grow up independently and intelligently, give them traditional toys and keep your gadgets to yourself.

Start caring and pampering your baby with Fiffy Malaysia and their exciting selection of clothing, gears, diapers, and utensils today and ensure a smooth development and babyhood. Shop for products from Fiffy online here at iPrice, where you can compare the best prices and redeem great coupons.