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Sometimes, it’s difficult for new moms to produce a sufficient amount of breast milk. They tend to move on to store-bought formulas that contains so many chemicals we can’t pronounce. Even if it’s hard for you to produce breast milk, you should still try as there are bountiful of benefits of breastfeeding your child. To learn more, read the article by clicking here.

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NUK Luna Electric Breast Pump
RM 534.20

NUK Electric Comfort Breast Pump Luna Everyone knows that breast milk is best for your baby. In case, you don’t find enough time to breastfeed your child or else are busy otherwise, your little one still does not have to miss or give up his or her precious food. Mothers who express milk regularly are recommended to use an electric breast pump. The NUK Luna is small, feature a low weight and is easy to handle – thus customised for the needs of modern mothers. Thanks to the two-phase pumping rhythm the electric breast pump Luna by NUK provides the highest level of efficiency and excellent comfort by simulating the innate sucking motion of your baby during breastfeeding. The first phase stimulates the let-down reflex by rapid stimulation and short suction intervals. The second phase features a slow, intensive sucking rhythm for maximum milk flow. You can choose the different phases individually. By combining the two phases you can express more milk in a shorter time. The major advantages of the NUK breast pump are its fully adjustable suction strength that allows an optimum adaptation to your individual needs, the super soft silicone cushion that adapts perfectly to the shape of your breast as well as soft nubs that massage the skin and stimulate the milk flow additionally. NUK’s electric comfort breast pump Luna can be used with only one hand. Due to the fact that this breast pump comes with only a few parts, you can disassemble it after use, cleaned it easily and reassemble it in less than no time. In order to make sure that you can be as flexible as possible, NUK’s breast pump Luna can be operated with batteries or mains adaptor (batteries not included, 3 x AAA 1.5V batteries required). A global adaptor which is designed for worldwide use and thus perfect for travelling is also included in delivery. Apart from the breast pump and the silicone cushion there are the following accessories included: A NUK First Choice + Anti-Colic silicone teat, size 1 S (extra fine food hole) suitable for babies aged 0 - 6 months, one NUK breast milk container, a screw ring, a protective cap, a sealing disc, a tilt-proof stand and a euro plug CEE 7/16 suitable for travelling. Details: * Efficient: 2-phase rhythm, - Phase 1: stimulate milk flow - Phase 2: efficient pumping, phases can be selected individually * Mild: fully adjustable suction strength for maximum comfort * Soft: super soft silicone cushion with knobs for pleasant massage and optimal adjustment to the breast * Flexible: Mains or battery operation, including global adaptor which is great for travelling - for 100 - 240 V AC / 50/60 Hertz * Compatible with all NUK First Choice bottles and teats * Incl. NUK First Choice Anti-Colic Wide neck + silicone teat, size 1 (0-6 months), S (extra fine feed hole), protection cap, screw ring, sealing disc, stand and NUK breast milk container

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Avent Breast SCF253/20
From RM 20.00
3 Stores
PHILIPS AVENT DISPOSABLE BREAST PADS SCF253/20 Breast pads for night time. Unique Philips AVENT breast pads SCF253/20 specially designed to help you stay dry and comfortable while sleeping. HIGHLIGHTS Overnight protection Developed with expert All-round leakage barrier Silky soft feel Ultra Dry PRODUCT FEATURES Overnight protection: the AVENT breast pads have a thicker core and are wider shaped that adds to its absorbency. There are double adhesive tapes that help secure the pads in their place Developed with expert: developed with Vicky Scott, who has been a midwife, a baby adviser and a supporter of moms who have been breast-feeding, for 15 years All-round leakage barrier: it gives extra-protection even while you are lying down Silky soft feel: it has a topsheet that is breathable and silky soft, and is made of natural materials that have been dermatologically tested. Ultra Dry: the breast pads are multi-layered that enable the ability of being super-absorbent including a one-way top sheet that traps all the moisture within the pads Hygenic: it is wrapped individually for extra-hygiene SPECIFICATIONS Country of origin • China Material • Breast pad: Dermatologically tested, Natural materials What is included • Disposable day breast pads: 2 pcs • Disposable night breast pads: 20 pcs Design • Discreet contoured shape Functions • Ultra dry: Multi layers, One-way top Dimensions & weight • Dimensions: 140x140x100 mm Maximum comfort • Anti-slip: Adhesive tape Silky soft feel • Silky soft topsheet: Breathable natural material, Dermatologically tested Read more
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Avent Breast Manual Breast Pump
RM 179.00 RM 299.00

This breast pump can be used in combination with other feeding products in the Philips AVENT range, including our Classic bottles and milk storage containers. Philips AVENT also provides a range of breast care accessories to help you breastfeed for longer and enhance your comfort. Easy cleaning thanks to the small number of separate parts Cleaning is easy, thanks to the small number of separate parts. All parts are dishwasher proof. Easy manual operation The manual breast pump is ideal if you express milk occasionally and value compactness. Easily operated with one hand. Following EU directive (2011/8/EU) Highlights Sit more comfortably with no need to lean forward *More comfortable pumping position due to unique design Express, store and feed in one Soft massage cushion for warm feel Easy to combine breast and bottle feeding *Includes our Natural bottle and teat for natural latch on Easy to use, store and transport Intuitive assembly. Easy visual matching of parts Easy cleaning thanks to the small number of separate parts *Easy manual operation Technical Specifications: Country of origin: England Material Breast pump: BPA free* VIA milk storage cup: Polypropylene, BPA free* Teat: Silicone, BPA free* What is included Breast pump body with handle: 1 pcs Standard-size cushion: 1 pcs Milk storage cups with lids 6oz: 3 pcs Milk storage cup adapter: 1 pcs Extra soft Newborn Flow Teat: 1 pcs Travel cover: 1 pcs Avent Disposable Breast Pads-Night -2 pcs Avent Disposable Breast Pads-Day - 2 pcs Breast pump Material: BPA free*

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Avent Breast SCF334/02
RM 1,299.00

Product Features:- -Sit more comfortably with no need to lean forward, More comfortable pumping position due to unique design -More milk in less time, The perfect time saver for moms -Choose your most comfortable setting as it Features a gentle stimulation mode and 3 pumping settings -Gently stimulates natural let down and milk flow as Soft massage cushion with warm feel -Easy cleaning due to the small number of separate parts -Easy operation at the touch of a button -Intuitive assembly. Easy visual matching of parts -Compact lightweight design, includes handy travel bag -Includes our Natural bottle and nipple for natural latch on Product Specifications:- -Country of origin:England -Material Breast pump: Polypropylene, BPA free* -Bottle: Polypropylene, BPA free* -Nipple: Silicone, BPA free* -Breast pump design: Compact design -Bottle design: Ergonomic shape, Wide neck -Breast pump use: Intuitive assembly, Easy cleaning, Fully compatible range -Development stages :Pregnancy, 0 - 6 months -Functions:No leaning forward: Sit in a comfortable position -Settings: 3 Expression settings, 1 Stimulation mode -More milk in less time: The perfect time saver -Soft massage cushion: Gentle stimulation What is included:- -Breast pump body: 2 pcs -Base unit incl. tubing: 1 pcs -Standard size cushion: 2 pcs -Natural bottle 4oz: 2 pcs -Extra soft Newborn Flow Nipple: 2 pcs -Travel cover: 2 pcs -Sealing disc for milk storage: 2 pcs -Breast pad sample packs: 2 (2 Day pads & 2 Night pads) pcs -Spare diaphragm: 2 pcs -Travel bag: 1 pcs Warranty: 2 years of carry-in warranty for the motor unit from the date of purchase

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Cimilre F1 Rechargeable Handsfree Double Breast Pump
RM 529.00

*** Inbox us now for Get more 5% - 10% Discount*** Ready Stock ! Ready Stock ! Ready Stock! CIMILRE F1 DOUBLE BREAST PUMP *************************************** 👉Small and Compact - Easy to Carry around 👉Enables expressing at work or on the go 👉Safe to Use - Backflow protector applied : No backflow, Easy to separate and clean 👉Pump as You Want - Both Single pumping and Double pumping are possible 👉2 Phase Mode - Massage (1~5 levels) - Expression (1~10 levels) 👉 2 Hours of Use - When charged for about an hour 👉 Automatic Shut Down - After 30 minutes of use 👉Local Warranty 1 year What's Inculded Breast Pump Set : - ---------------------------------------------- 1 - F1 Main Unit 1 - Power Adapter / Charger 2 - 30mm Premium Breastshield 2 - Silicone Valve 2 - Backflow Protector (Cap type) 2 - Tubing 2 - Storage Bottle with Cap and teat Package A - RM529 ----------------------------------------- Breast Pump Set x 1 (With Normal Breastshield x 2) Vcoool (Luxury) Cooler Bag x 1 Ice Brick x 1 Milk Storage Bottle x 10 Milk Storage Bag x 25 What Include Cimilre Hands Free Breast ------------------------------------------ 2 - Hands Free Breastshield 28mm 2 - Hands Free Cover Cup 2 - Hands Free Connector 2 - Short Tubing (approx. 10cm) 2 - Silicone Valve Package B - RM669 ------------------ Breast Pump Set x 1 (With Normal Breast shield x 2) Cimilre Handsfree Breast Shield Set x 2 VCoool (Luxury) Cooler Bag x 1 Ice brick x 1 Milk Storage Bottle x 10 Milk Storage Bag x 25 *(Please inbox us / remark Cooler bag's color. Will send random color if no any request.) #vcoool #cimilref1 #cimilre #cimilremalaysia #cimilrehandsfree #handsfree

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Spectra S9 Plus Double Rechargable Portable Breast Pump
RM 659.00 RM 1,072.70

The Spectra 9 Plus comes with a complete double kit so you can double pump – pumping both breasts at once saves so much time. Double pumping also ramps up levels of prolactin (the milk producing hormone) in your blood, so is better for supporting milk supply. The Spectra S9 Plus has a nozzle for each milk collection kit, making it easy to swap from single to double pumping. Just attach a milk collection kit to both nozzles if you will be double pumping, or if you only want to single pump, you can just close off the second nozzle. Letdown mode – switch with a touch to the letdown mode, which is a light, quick mode designed to speed the start of milkflow, just the way a baby does. This will get you expressing faster and help your body get on board with the job of expressing milk. Easy adjustment of cycle speed & suction strength – touch button controls allow you to adjust suction strength and cycle with one touch. As you increase the suction, the speed will slow down [see the Spectra S2 if you want even more control over cycle program]. Inbuilt rechargeable battery – yes, we know you love this feature. Use your Spectra 9 Plus while plugged into mains, or just use it wherever you like from its inbuilt rechargeable battery. LCD display so you can easily see where you’re at with vacuum and cycle settings. There’s a battery indicator so you know how much charge you have left on the battery AND there’s a timer so you can keep track of how long you’ve been expressing. The Spectra 9 Plus is our most portable pump – lightweight and slimline, it will slip easily into your handbag. If you are a busy mum running around after kids or needing to pump on the go, then you will love being able to hang the Spectra 9 Plus from your wrist or around your neck, team the pump with a handsfree pumping bra (to hold the breast shields in place handsfree) and pump on the run! Closed system – like all Spectra breast pumps, the Spectra 9 Plus has a closed system, which means that there is no way for milk to get into the pump motor. Milk particles in the pump motor can lead to the growth of mould and is a potential source of virus transmission. As always with Spectra breast pumps, the Spectra 9 Plus has high performance vacuum with maximum suction of 300mmHg. What are the negatives? - Doesn’t provide as much flexibility over the pump program as the Spectra S2 (but still more than other pumps). - Is noisier than the Spectra S2 and Dew models (but not as noisy as other brand pumps) Contents: Spectra 9 Plus main pump Wide neck breast shield (28mm size) x 2 BPA-Free PP Bottle x 2 Tubing x 2 Disc x 2 Cap x 2 Backflow protector x 2 Valve x 2 Power adaptor All components in contact with your milk are BPA free. #spectra #9plus #double #rechargable #portable #breastpump #light #bpafree #mybabymart

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real bubee Double USB Electric Breast Pump with Milk Bottle
RM 53.00

Powerful Double Intelligent Microcomputer USB Electric Breast Pump with Milk Bottle for Mothers Features: Mom's best choice, smoothly sucked without trouble, safe, comfortable and healthy. PP material raw materials, do not contain harmful substances. High temperature resistant, easy to clean, more safer. Multiple power supply mode, support computer, charging treasure, adapter power supply. Low power, little vibration, low noise, smooth running Small and light, easy to store and carry while going out. How to use: Press the power switch then enter the 90 seconds secrete mode, the system will increase sucking strength gradually until the acquiescent strength. Mothers can press plus sign and minus sign to adjust the suitable strength. Press the mode botton and the mode can be changed, red light on while massage mode, green light on while milk sucking mode. There are 18 modes of milk sucking, when long press plus sign or minus sign, red light or green light long flickers when the setting reaches the highest or the lowest gears. Item Type: Breast Pumps Material: BPA Free Powered source: Electric Shape/Pattern: Solid Package weight: 0.519 kg Product size (L x W x H): 10.00 x 8.00 x 18.00 cm / 3.94 x 3.15 x 7.09 inches Package size (L x W x H): 19.00 x 11.00 x 20.00 cm / 7.48 x 4.33 x 7.87 inches Package Content: 2x Breast Pump 2x Milk Bottle 1x USB Power Cord 1x Host 2x Long Straw 1x Sheet of Sticker noted: This breast pump can use the input AC220V, 50Hz; DC51A power output of the phone with a USB interface adapter, computers, mobile power. #BreastPump #MOCA #nowarranty #MilkBottle #babyfeeding #ElectricBreastPump #Bottle Feeding

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Spectra 9 Plus Rechargeable Electric Breast Pump RM 539.00 Lazada
Malish Ilaria Double Electric Breast Pump RM 349.00 Lazada
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Avent Breast Pump

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The Many Benefits of Breastfeeding your Child

What you feed your newborn child in their first couple of years is very crucial as this is when most of the physical (and mental) developments take place. Not only that breast milk is natural, it is also more beneficial in so many ways than store-bought formula.

Stronger and healthier baby

Breast milk contains the necessary nutrition and vitamins needed for your babies to grow properly. It also contains many antibodies to fight unwanted viruses and bacteria that your fragile baby might be exposed to. It promotes the growth of strong bones, strengthens the immune system, prevent gastrointestinal infections like diarrhea and other kinds of infections, and reduce the risk of your child getting diabetes, Crohn’s disease, and celiac disease. Because of this, breast milk can help vaccines react better compared to formula-fed babies.

Cheaper than store-bought formula

Since you would only need to invest in a high-quality breast pump, several feeding bottles, and a sterilizer, you won’t need to spend as much grocery money for your baby’s milk. Store-bought formulas have the tendency to be ridiculously expensive and you can spend from RM150 to RM400 per month. Imagine how much you’d be spending in a year for store-bough baby formulas alone. As long as you are capable of producing breast milk on the daily, the monthly cost for your child’s formula won’t even touch RM50 per month.

Lesser chance of getting cancer

When you breastfeed your child, whether directly from your breast or with the help of a breast pump, you’re decreasing your chance of contracting breast cancer. Not only you’re reducing the risk of cancer yourself you’re also doing so for your baby. Through breastfeeding, you’re decreasing the chance of them getting any types of childhood cancers.

Ways to Increase Breast Milk Production

Not sure how to increase breast milk production? Follow the easy and simple steps below.

  1. Nurse frequently throughout the day and in the night when your child is awake.
  2. Switch feed your baby by alternating between breasts. Always offer both breasts at each feeding session and observe your child’s feeding pattern.
  3. Try different positions when breastfeeding your baby. There’s the cradle, football, and side-lying positions.
  4. Consider using breast compression that can stimulate and continue milk flow.
  5. Drink plenty of water as dehydration can lead to low supply of breast milk.
  6. Eat oatmeal, nuts, carrots, ginger, fennel, and other foods that can increase milk supply.
  7. Get plenty of rest and sleep well because moms should always take care of themselves too. Contact your doctor or a lactation consultant if the problem persists.