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Delivering a baby is one of the many challenges that mothers will experience for the love of their new baby. Feeding your infant with the right amount of nutrition is crucial for their growth. Not only does it help with their physical development, it is also a way to tighten the bond between child and parents. Check out our selection of baby feeding products below or read more about baby feeding here.

PHILIPS AVENT COMFORT MANUAL BREAST PUMP (4oz BOTTLE) SCF330/20 Breast pump with massage cushionWhen you are comfortable and relaxed, your milk flows more easily. That is why we created our most comfortable breast pump yet: Sit comfortably with no need to lean forward and let our soft massage cushion gently stimulate your milk flow.HIGHLIGHTSMore comfortable positionIncludes our Natural nippleFully compatible rangeSoft massage cushionCompact designEasy cleaningEasy manual operationIntuitive assembly PRODUCT FEATURESMore comfortable pumping position due to unique design: The breast pump is designed uniquely in away where all your milk flows directly from your breast into the bottle. This makes you comfortable since u don’t have lean forward to make sure all your milk is landing into the bottle. It is designed to work even if you are sitting up straight. Being comfortable eventually makes the milk flow out more easilySoft massage cushion with warm feel: Our massage cushion has a soft velvety texture which gives the skin a warm feel for comfortable, gentle stimulation of your milk. During pumping, it mimics the suckling of your baby for natural let down and is clinically proven for its effectiveness. The soft massage cushion is designed to fit majority of moms comfortably. Should you need it, a larger size cushion is available separately (availability may vary per country)Includes our Natural bottle and nipple for natural latch on: the wide breast shaped nipple promotes natural latch on that is similar to the breast, making it easier for your baby to combine breast and bottle feedingCompact lightweight design: The breast pump is designed in a way that makes it compact, making it easier to hold and position on your breast. The small, lightweight base unit can be placed easily within comfortable reach to control fully while pumping. Its compact design makes it easier to store and transport.Intuitive assembly. Easy visual matching of parts: the parts are visually matching, enabling you for easy assemblyCompatible with other Philips AVENT feeding products: This breast pump can be used in combination with other feeding products in the Philips AVENT range that includes our Classic bottles and milk storage containers. Philips AVENT also provides a range of breast care accessories to help you breastfeed for longer and enhance your comfortEasy manual operation: The manual breast pump is perfect if you express milk time to time and value compactness. Can be operated easily with one handEasy cleaning due to the small number of separate parts: Cleaning is easy, because of the small number of separate parts. It is designed in a way where your milk will never come into contact with the tubing and base unit. All parts are dishwasher proof.SPECIFICATIONS: Country of origin England MaterialBreast pump: Polypropylene, BPA free*Bottle: Polypropylene, BPA free*Nipple: Silicone, BPA free*What is includedBreast pump body with handle: 1 pcsStandard size cushion: 1 pcsNatural bottle 4oz: 1 pcsExtra soft Newborn Flow Nipple: 1 pcsTravel cover: 1 pcsSealing disc for milk storage: 1 pcsBreast pad sample packs: 2 (2 Day pads & 2 Night pads) pcsBreast pumpMaterial: BPA free*Design Breast pump design: Compact designBottle design: Ergonomic shape, Wide neckEase of use Breast pump use: Intuitive assembly, Easy cleaning, Fully compatible rangeDevelopment stagesStages: Pregnancy, 0 - 6 monthsFunctions No leaning forward: Sit in a comfortable positionSoft massage cushion: Gentle stimulationIncludes Natural bottle: Combine breast & bottle feeding Read more
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Morinaga MORINAGA BF-1 INFANT FORMULA MILK POWDER 700g at 48.00 MYR from Youbeli
RM 48.00
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Morinaga MORINAGA BF-1 INFANT FORMULA MILK POWDER 900g at 66.00 MYR from Youbeli
RM 66.00
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Similac Advance Infant Formula with Iron Stage 1 1.45 lb (658 g) at 184.80 MYR from iHerb
Similac Advance Infant Formula with Iron Stage 1 1.45 lb (658 g)
RM 184.80
New Formula OptiGRO Birth to 12 Months Nutrition Designed for Most Infants Milk-Based | Powder #1 Brand Fed In Hospitals Complete Nutrition for Your Baby's 1st Year Closer Than Ever to Breast Milk Stage 1 Gluten FreeOptiGRO DHA - Brain Lutein - Eye Vitamin E - Development
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Similac Sensitive Infant Formula with Iron Birth to 12 Months 1.41 lb (638 g) at 181.20 MYR from iHerb
Similac Sensitive Infant Formula with Iron Birth to 12 Months 1.41 lb (638 g)
RM 181.20
Scoop Stored in Lid for Easy Access DHA/ARA Powder Milk-Based #1 Bran Fed in Hospitals Lutein & DHA For Fussiness & Gas (Due to Lactose Sensitivity) Completer Nutrition for Sensitive Tummies HalalEarly Shield Immune Support Brain & Eye Strong Bones
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Pediasure PEDIASURE COMPLETE (VANILLA) MILK POWDER 1.6kg at 144.00 MYR from Youbeli
RM 144.00
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Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Steriliser And Bottle Warmer Bundle Set at 599.00 MYR from Lazada
Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Steriliser And Bottle Warmer Bundle Set
RM 599.00 RM 1073.90
Prices updated on 28 Jun 2017

Making Parenthood much Easier with Baby Feeding Products

If you are reading this, then congratulations are at hand! Now that your newborn baby is with you, the real challenges of parenthood will finally begin. One of your priorities as parents is to keep your baby healthy and strong by providing the right nutrition and sustenance. Like most mammals, newborns rely on their parents for food until they reach a certain age. Deeply embedded on our DNA is the instinct to provide what’s best for our kids in terms of daily sustenance.

What you need to know about feeding your baby

For new parents, adjusting to the needs of your baby might be a struggle but comfort is something that you must sacrifice in order to provide what’s best for your baby. It is a ‘round-the-clock commitment that parents must provide to their children. Here are some tips that would help you on your kid’s feeding habits:

Go with breast milk or formula

As mammals, a mother’s breast milk is always the ideal nutrition for newborns up to two years of age, however, there may be some exceptions. If unable to provide the breast milk needed, parents can switch to formulas only if necessary. Newborn babies don’t need water, juice, or other fluids to feed.

Feed your baby according to demand

Your baby is a one-stop feeding machine that needs to be fed up to 12 times a day - that’s one feeding every two or three hours. Look for signs of hunger such as stretching, sucking motions, and other lip movements, followed by crying. After breast feeding, your baby would simply stop sucking, closes their mouth, or turns away from the bottle. Moreover, a baby’s feeding patterns may differ from others and they may not eat the same amount everyday. As your baby grows older, the less amount of milk they take with each feeding.

Feeding your baby makes for great bonding moments

Use feeding as a time for you to bond with your newborn. Hold them close, look them in the eye, speak with a gentle voice or even sing a lullaby for your baby. It is a great opportunity to build trust, sense of security, love, and comfort.

Trust your instincts as a mother

Nothing beats a mother’s instinct when it comes to the safety and security of their child. Don’t worry about how much or how often they feed but look for signs of development such as weight gain, contentment in between feeding, and at least 6 wet diapers or 3 bowel movements a day. If you don’t notice any of these signs, then ask your doctor about it.

Shop for baby feeding products on iPrice!

As parents, know what’s best for your baby. While it may take a while to adjust to their needs, it would be a sacrifice all parents would make for the sake of their offspring. Shower them with love with the best baby feeding products online! Check out the biggest brands in baby feeding such as Autumnz, Avent, MAM, My Dear, and so much more!

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