FCC Malaysia or Farmasi Colour Cosmetics is the perfect brand for anyone who seek to improve their quality of life while looking great at the same time. New to the makeup world? Read the basic makeup guide featuring FCC or Farmasi products in Malaysia here.


Put on Your FCC Malaysia Makeup in 6 Simple Steps

FCC Malaysia is one of the leading halal makeup in the country. FCC or Farmasi cosmetics offers all types of makeup products suitable for any skin tones and types. However, considering there are so many ways to put on makeup, it’s understandable if one gets easily overwhelmed. Sometimes, choosing makeup and putting on makeup can seem so intimidating, as one wrong move can alter your whole look. To start your makeup journey with FCC Malaysia, the guide below explains the basics on putting on makeup.

Step 1: Prep the skin

Before putting any form of makeup products on the face, remember to always to prep the skin. This step is extremely important if you have sensitive skin prone to breakouts and rashes. After cleansing the face, apply toner, moisturizer, and if your skin needs extra help in combatting undesired conditions, put a few drops of facial oil. You can get all these products from FCC cosmetics from their SKINTRENDS line. There is a revitalizing tonic for normal skin, cleansing milk for dry and sensitive skin, cleansing gel for normal skin, mattifying day cream for oily and combination skin, and nourishing day cream for dry and sensitive skin. All the SKINTRENDS product from FCC has SPF of at least 15, so you don’t have to apply an extra layer of sunscreen.

Step 2: Build a strong base

Just like when constructing any building, a strong foundation is needed to ensure longevity of your makeup. There are several steps you need to do if you want your makeup to last throughout the whole day and night. First, apply a thin layer of primer. This is necessary especially when you have large pores as the primer will reduce the size and lessen extra oils. Next, use the right foundation. Folks with oily and combination skin can use the FCC Stay Matte Foundation while those who need full and long coverage, choose FCC High-Performance Foundation. For a more natural look, you can substitute foundation with BB or CC creams. After applying the foundation, it’s time to cover those bothersome blemishes with FCC Liquid Concealer available in various shades. To finish it all off, lock in all your base products with a powder like the FCC Silky Touch Compact Powder, Terracotta Porcelain Powder, and BB Powder.

Step 3: Create contoured cheekbones

This step is totally optional if you’re going for a natural look, but if you want those sharp, Kardashian cheekbones and jawline, then contouring is your new best friend. Use a bronzer or a darker FCC Terracotta Powder under the cheekbones, along the jawlines, on the edges of your forehead, and down the sides of the bridge of your nose. Besides contouring, you also need to highlight all the points where light will hit the face. Apply some concealer on the bridge of the nose, the center of the forehead, the chin, and above the jawline. Cover it with translucent powder for 10 minutes, brush it off, and blend the contour and the highlight all together with a brush.

Step 4: Enhance your eyebrows

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then eyebrows must be the window frames. Make sure you don’t overdo it and follow the natural shape of the brows. Get rid of baby eyebrow hairs by plucking, threading, or waxing it. Brush your brows in the direction that they naturally grow in and create an outline. While filling the eyebrows, blend the outline so there are no visible harsh lines. You can either create an arch or opt for the straighter eyebrow look. FCC Eyebrow Pencils has a brush attached to the cap to ease this process.

Step 5: Beautify the windows to the soul

Move down towards the eyes after you finish shaping and filling your eyebrows. Depending on the look you want to go for, you can mix and match different eye shades and use different techniques. Regardless, the usual guide of applying eyeshadow is to start off with a light-colored or a white base and put it all over the eyelid. Then, pick the middle color and apply it on the outer creases. For a smoky look, put on the darkest color on the outer lid. Make sure to blend the shadows for a flawless look. FCC shadows come in the variation of Soft Touch Mono and Cashmere Cream Eye Shadow, both with available in a range of colors. Finish your eye makeup with a decent coverage of FCC Perfect Volumizing Mascara, Advanced Styling Mascara, or Mega Shock Mascara.

Step 6: Take care of the lips and finishing touches

This step focuses on applying lipstick or lip gloss. Before doing anything else, it’s recommended to moisturize your lips first by using a petroleum jelly or an FCC Shea Butter & Jojoba Lip Balm. Then, apply your FCC Matte Lipstick or True Color Lipstick. Be careful though, matte lipsticks can easily dry out your lips so take an extra care in moisturizing it. Also, consider your skin tone when choosing a lipstick shade, as the wrong kind will completely wash you out or can be too bold to be worn to certain places. After completing your whole face, set it by using FCC Makeup Time Locker Fixer so the makeup stays longer.

Other than makeup, FCC Malaysia has halal and affordable skin care and bath & body products. What are you waiting for? Begin your FCC makeup journey confidently here with iPrice.

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