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Fancl Malaysia: Preservative Free for Sensitive skin

A Little Touch of Fancl History

Being a wholly owned subsidiary of the Fancl Corporation, the Fancl brand was first established in 1997 and is currently based in Irvince, CA. Now Fancl has a strong presence in the skin care industry and it is growing more and more day-by-day and will continue on growing with the support of its loyal customers and users. Fancl's solution in tackling the problem with most of other skincare products is to eliminate all the dulling alkalis and greasy pore-clogging thickening agents. They do this by eliminating preservatives and to do that, they pack their products in small, freshness-dated bottles hermetically sealed in pharmaceutically sterile laboratories.

Today, Fancl can be seen as one of the leaders in preservative-free skin care, cosmetics, and nutritional supplements with more than 200 retail outlets throughout Japan and other Asian countries. Through the vastness of the loyal customers and through their far-reaching presence, Fancl is now made available in America.

Fancle's skincare products can also be purchased through online, mail, phone, and fax. For more information about what Fancl can offer you, read on below.

What Fancl Has for You in Malaysia

Fancl has a wide variety of products that cover skincare from both the outside-in and inside-out. Mainly, Fancl offers products that cover Skincare, Makeup, Nutrition, and Supplements. Below are the brief detailing of each of the products:

Fancl Skincare and Advanced Skincare
This category is divided into 2, normal skincare and advanced skincare. What differs is that the advanced type caters to skin with special needs. In the skincare product line-up, you can find products that cover cleansing, all-in-one washes, and Anti-Aging creams.
Fancl Makup
Fancl also focuses on makeup in due of how it can both affect and enhance the skin. The makeup products in this line-up follows foundations, powders, eyes, nails, primers/concealers, lips, cheeks, and tools. They are made to enhance your features without the non-beneficial additives.
Fancl Nutrition
Fancl also believes that beauty and skin health comes from the inside. Therefore, the need for proper nutrition is ever-growing amongst women who value their beauty and inner health. Fancl had managed to come up with 2 solutions for this in the form of Green Tea Powder JOSEN and Kale Powder. Fancl's take on green tea is very much interesting. They believe that all the good nutrients like the vitamins, minerals, and cathethin has powerful antioxidant effects. Without the hassle of teabags, Fancl made their green tea nutritional drink in powder form so that it can be dissolved in both hot and cold water. Kale Powder from Fancl works in a way that they take Kale (a form of cabbage) and made it into a drink. Cale has fiber, foliate, potassium, Vitamin A, C, U, and K. Also like their green tea powder, the drink can be dissolved in both hot and cold water.
Fancl Supplements
We love advanced nutritional support and super foods. Fancl explores this love that we share with many others in producing their very own line of supplements. To list them down, Fancl's Supplements are:
    • Fiber Support MIX
    • Perfect Vegetable
    • Perfect Slim Alpha
    • Perfect Slim Drink Multi-Shape
    • Calorie Limit
    • Clear Control AC

Our Little Thoughts on Fancl

Well, first and foremost, we care dearly about our health and well-being, as should you too! Our skin, especially the stretch that covers our face in crucial in making ourselves feel better about how we look. But in more concern, we believe that true beauty comes from the inside. Therefore, taking care of what is going on within the boundaries of our insides should matter as crucially as should we on our outside. Fancl has everything from skincare products that would protect and nourish your skin from the outside-in, to their impressive line-up of supplements that make sure you shine bright with your inner beauty from the inside-out.

We truly believe that taking care of yourself should mean taking care of both the outside and the inside. We also believe that Fancl has all the solutions and all the products that you need to bring out or to enhance what beauty you have. Regardless if you have normal skin or if you have skin that needs special attention, Fancl is here for you. With their dedication to quality of product and their notion of caring about the well-being of their customers, you should not expect anything lesser than good from a brand like Fancl.

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