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Looking for the best home appliances online? Take care of your home appliance needs with Faber Malaysia’s wide array of products from fans, coffee makers, vacuum cleaners, kettles and many more! View our product list below or click here to know more about Faber Malaysia.

Faber FSC 650 SS 2 Stores
6.5L Removable ceramic pot Stainless steel Tempered glass lid If cooking has always been your passion and you always seek out the best of kitchen appliances for your kitchen, then Faber Slow Cooker FSC 650 SS is the right rice cooker for you! No more cooking rice with another run-of-the-mill rice cooker thanks to this innovative creation of Faber. Spend Less Time In The KitchenSlow cooker is now one of the essential components of any ordinary household kitchen. It plays an important role in the preparation of delicious stews. It is mainly useful to maintain a relatively low temperature continuously for many hours, allowing unattended cooking of pot roast, stews, boiled dinners and other suitable dishes among many others. Now cooking all those dinner menus have been simplified by Faber Slow Cooker FSC 650 SS. More Than Just A Slow CookerThe Faber Slow Cooker FSC 650 SS has a round body design to suit perfectly well in your kitchen. The oval body allows you to cook a variety of food within it. The Faber Slow Cooker FSC 650 SS has a brushed stainless steel body that ensures its durability. Furthermore the stainless steel body means that it can easily be washed and cleaned. The Clean CookerThe Faber Slow Cooker FSC 650 SS comes with a removable ceramic pot. Since the inner pot is removable, it can easily be washed and cleaned later after using. The ceramic material used ensures that it does not easily break and can withstand long hours of slow cooking. Furthermore the Faber Slow Cooker FSC 650 SS has a tempered glass lid so that it does not easily crack under the heat or when it falls. Get a Faber today! Read more
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Faber FRC 8018 D
RM 269.00 RM 349.00
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Faber FEO R42
RM 328.00 RM 529.00

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Faber FCC FORNELLO 2000 RM 149.90 Lazada
Faber FORNO 66 RM 388.00 11street
Faber FORNO 36 RM 276.70 Shopee
Faber FORNO 46 RM 325.00 Shopee
Faber FEO R26 RM 189.00 Shopee
Faber FEO R19 RM 133.00 Shopee
Faber FMC 381 RM 129.00 Lazada
Faber FGS PICCOLO 1000 RM 79.00 Lazada
Faber FTF CLASSICO 160 RM 175.00 Lazada
Faber FFS 930 SSD RM 169.00 Lazada
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Faber Malaysia - Italian Style Appliances for you

Modern living had never been this great with Faber Malaysia. Since 1955, the brand has been providing excellent quality home appliances, integrated with high-tech innovations and excellent ergonomics. From kitchen hoods to small appliances and ventilation solutions, Faber offers home-owners a lasting option that would enable them to enjoy life to the fullest.

About Faber Malaysia

Complete your home and kitchen needs with Faber Malaysia’s exciting products! Established in 1955 by Abramo Galassi in Italy, the brand is inspired by innovation and comfort, providing only the best for their customers. The company started making kitchen hoods but later moved on to different kitchen products and small home appliances. They now have a global presence in 13 countries, including Malaysia in the Southeast. Faber Malaysia gives you the opportunity to make the most out of your daily living with their astonishing array of products to choose from.

Why choose Faber Malaysia

  • With an industry experience of more than 60 years, the brand is a tried and trusted generations of home-makers across Southeast Asia.
  • Faber Malaysia dedicates its efforts to research and innovation, bringing only the best technologies for their customers.
  • The brand has great options of products from large appliances to down to the smallest electronics. You can make your house a better home with Faber Malaysia.

Exciting products from Faber Malaysia

For more than 60 years, the brand has been providing excellent quality home appliances that would enhance your day to day living. From built-in kitchen hobs, ovens to ventilation and cooling down to small kitchen appliances, you can trust Faber Malaysia to deliver high-end home and kitchen electronics for you. Live in comfort and style with Faber’s extensive array of products!

Kitchen Hoods

Have you ever had problems with hot air or unwanted aromas in the kitchen while cooking? If you do, then it’s time to get yourself a Faber Kitchen hood. Faber’s excellent line of hoods are sleek, modern, and has a suction power as much as 1200 m3/ hr, guaranteed to keep away the hot air and unpleasant smells in your kitchen.

Built-in Hobs

Like their kitchen hoods, Faber’s line of built-in hobs features a modern design ranging from glass and ceramic hobs and induction cookers. Faber ensures even distribution of heat with easy to clean surfaces that would suit your taste. Durable, robust, and modern, Faber Kitchen hobs are worth having in your kitchen.

Built-in Ovens

Another must-have in your kitchen, Faber’s excellent array of built-in ovens will definitely make some delectable dishes for your family. Whether you want a traditional oven or a modern microwave to fuel up your kitchen needs, Faber integrates cutting-edge electronics and smart options to make your cooking easier and better.

Major Electronics and appliances

To complete your kitchen, Faber has some of the most dynamic and versatile appliances for you. Among their line of major appliances include refrigerators and freezers that would let you store your food items, equipped with tons of different features including water and ice dispensers, LCD display, iverters and so much more! You can choose from different sizes and different types of refridgerators available! If you are looking for refrigerators and freezers, trust only Faber Malaysia.


Circulate fresh and cool air with Faber Malaysia’s cooling appliances. From fans to air coolers and air conditioners, you can definitely feel the cold breeze circulate in your home. The brand has a range of table and stand fans, as well as air coolers that would make your home environment cool and relaxed.

Small Appliances

Top off your kitchen needs with Faber’s exquisite array of small appliances ranging from boiling, baking, cooking, food preparation, and home and personal care range. Like all their products, the brand delivers top quality kitchen goods integrated with excellent modern design and technological innovations. Make your house a better home with Faber Malaysia.

Buy Faber appliances online

For more than 60 years, the brand has provided excellent products which are essential in a home setting. Built to make life extra convenient, each product is designed and carefully tested to ensure safety and efficiency during use. With Faber Malaysia you can build your own home and live in style! Take a look at Faber’s extensive array of home appliances here or widen your options with products from other brands including Rubine, Panasonic, Electrolux, Sharp, and so much more!