Faber Castell colour pencils can be seen everywhere from the home, school, office, kids, adults, writers to the artists, pretty much anyone would have seen and used one of the products. Read on and learn more about Faber Castell Coloured Pencil below.

What is the meaning of Faber Castell? | Are Faber Castell colour pencils good? | How many Faber Castell coloured pencils are there?

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Everything you need to know about Faber Castell Coloured Pencils

What is the meaning of Faber Castell?

Faber Castell is regarded as the world's largest and oldest manufacturer of pencils, pens, office and art supplies. Have you ever wonder how Faber Castell got its name? The story began when the founder of Faber Castell, Kaspar Faber lent his surname to the Germany based manufacturing company near Nuremberg in the mid-eighteenth century. It was Baron Lothar von Faber (4th Generation), the eldest son of Georg Leonhard Faber (3rd Generation) transform the company into a major manufacturer of graphite pencils under the A.W. Faber brand. "And when Lothar's granddaughter and company heir, Baroness Ottilie von Faber fell in love with and later married Count Alexander zu Castell- Rüdenhausen in 1898, the name Faber-Castell was born", said Forbes.

Is Faber Castell a good brand?

What's make Faber Castell such a good brand? Firstly, the company give a clear edge over its competitor in term of the quality of the products, experience and workmanship. Faber Castell's manufacture pencils that won't break easily by mixing ground graphite with sulphur, binding resins and anatomy. Faber Castell is still owned by the Faber family and continue to pass down to eighth generations now, indeed a true family business passion ever since.

Are Faber Castell colour pencils good?

Faber Castell is without doubt one of the largest names in the coloured pencil world. Whats make them a high quality coloured pencil? According to Faber Castell website, they use the secure bonding method and labels them with "SV" for all wood-cased pencils to make the anti breakages standard on the lead and also improves the sharpening ability considerably. Besides, all wood-case coloured pencils produced in Europe are coated with an environmentally- friendly water-based varnish. An interesting fact: the wood used for the barrel of the Classic Colour pencils is certified from sustainable forestry which mean for each tree used another is panted in its place.

How many Faber Castell coloured pencils are there?

Faber Castell has an array of colour pencils range from high-quality pencils for kids to top-notch artists' coloured pencils. The two most renowned product line for colour pencils are POLYCHROMOS artists' pencils and ALBRECHT DÜRER artists' watercolour pencils. The first has a strong but easy to shade colours and pigments' lightfastness, used for graphics or artistic freestyle among professionals and semi-professionals. The latter provides great versatility of expression in drawing, painting or shading in watercolours. The unique power of watercolour can reveal with just a fine or broad brush strokes in your art masterpiece.

All colours under the product line are based on the same colour spectrum and so it is compatible with each other. Below is the complete product line under Faber Castell coloured pencils:

  • Albrecht Duerer artists' watercolour pencils
  • Albrecht Duerer Magnus artists' watercolour pencils
  • Aquarell
  • Pitt artists' pastel pencils
  • Pitt Monochrome
  • Polychromos artists' colour pencils
  • Art GRIP Aquarelle
  • Goldfaber
  • Goldfaber Aqua
  • Tri pencils

Are Faber Castell coloured pencils non-toxic?

According to Faber Castell website, the colour shade is being generated by non-toxic organic pigments with light-fastness. These pencils are easy to use, save for your kids and wallet-friendly. Be sure to check the best price of the Faber Castell coloured pencils in iPrice.