Faber-Castell is the world's no.1 stationery provider. From all sorts of pencils such as graphite pencil, coloured pencil, watercolour pencils, and mechanical pencils to a complete collection of Faber-Castell pens: fountain pen, ballpoint pen, and roller pen, Faber-Castell has it all. Read the article below to find out more about Faber-Castell Malaysia and its high-quality products.

Is Faber Castell a good brand? | Is Faber Castell an Indian company?


Faber-Castell Malaysia: Your Trusted Stationery Expert

Faber-Castell is one of the oldest companies in the world and a leading manufacturer of stationery for writing, drawing, and creative design. The stationery brand is highly known for its high-quality products, commitment to tradition, and environmental awareness. Aside from writing instruments like pencils and pens, the German brand also manufactures high-end writing instruments, art supplies, and luxury leather goods.

Faber-Castell – Unleashing the artist in you

You’ve probably known how much colours can influence your different moods and personalities. The colours you choose to brighten up your life would really make a difference. Knowing how great colours can affect an individual’s life especially a child’s, Faber-Castell creates high quality, vibrant colour pencils that breathe life to their imagination.

Being one of the world’s most famous manufacturers of art materials, this brand believes in the power of creativity and art, allowing their customers to express themselves artistically by providing them high quality drawing supplies including colouring pencils and pens since 1761.

Faber-Castell – Advocates Art while preserving Mother Nature

While they go around colouring people’s lives with their range of products, Faber-Castell is a brand that never forgets their Mother Nature. All products of the Faber-Castell Group are manufacture using environmentally safe, high-quality materials and low-pollution processes.

One of their greatest example – the company only uses wood from its own reforestation and soil conservation project in Brazil to manufacture pencils. And not only that, but the company also grows their own trees on the land that was once denuded and deforested because of soil erosion. And best of all, Faber-Castell even recycles the waste products from manufacturing pencils to increase the fertility of the soil.

Not only are they amazing when it comes to stationaries, but they are also one of the best examples when it comes to preserving Mother Nature while they continue growing their empire. So wait no more and get your Faber-Castell pencils or colour pencils or just anything else exclusively from iprice.

Faber-Castell's Inspiring story

Faber-Castell was established in 1761 by the cabinet-maker Kaspar Faber. Lothar von Faber took over the family business in 1839 and he created a new standard benchmark – not just for his own, but also for the next generations. Count Anton-Wolfgang von Faber-Castell took over the company in 1978 and he focused on developing new products and company expansion. Although some famous pen brands, like Société Bic, were founded as late as 1945, Faber-Castell harks back to the 18th century as it was established in 1761.

Faber-Castell Malaysia | Kids Best-selling Art Materials

Not only does Faber-Castell offer a wide range of watercolour pencils, but the brand also has colouring books that can be a great and creative way to pass time. Aside from books for drawing and colouring, Faber-Castell also has arts and crafts products to heighten your child’s creativity.

Faber-Castell Creative Colouring Books

The most creative colouring books ever! Featuring original art and premium papers;

  • Enriching activities and art travel sets.
  • Spiral binding so the books lay flat for easy colouring.
  • The perforated pages allow you to remove and display the works of art.

Faber-Castell Polychromos Coloured Pencil

A high-quality Polychromos coloured pencil.

  • Use for lightfast pigments, 120 vibrant colours, break and waterproof resistant with non-smudge colour.

Faber-Castell Coloured Marker

Range a high-value marker for kids quality arts'.

  • Strong quality and shade colours.
  • The coloured marker changes with a few fine or broad brush strokes to reveal the unique colours to your artwork.

Faber-Castell Pen | Best Selling Pen Collection in Malaysia!

Faber-Castell pen collection combines a natural and warm charisma of wood with platinum-plated surfaces. Each pen combined with platinized fittings and a finely ribbed barrel. The natural differences in grain and colour, it means that every writing instrument made from them is unique. The fountain pens, roller pens, and ball pens are designed as matching sets. All pens are available in reddish brown Pernambuco wood, matt black ebony, and dark brown grenadier wood.

Faber-Castell Roller Pen

  • Use liquid ink and no pressure needed to get the ink flowing.
  • With contrasting colour and a soft-touch coating.
  • With ergonomic grip zones combined with chrome-plated metal with a black, spring-mounted, fast-drying ink.

Faber-Castell Ballpoint Pen

Is still the most used writing instrument in the world.

  • Faber-Castell Malaysia ballpoint pens in many different styles.
  • Faber-Castell Malaysia is aware that designers and artists have been using ballpoint pens nowadays even for drawing, and shading.
  • The high-quality ink of Faber pens and gel gives a perfect result for creativity and writing.

Faber-Castell Ondoro Pen

Have an unusual contour of the design.

  • Ondoro gives a mark of writing a personal touch!
  • Framed by chrome-plated metal parts. A hexagonal barrel of high-gloss shows off straight lines to their best effect.
  • Ondoro also fits in the palm of the hand.

Faber-Castell N’ice Pen

With organic form and superlative design.

  • The plastic end cap available in three colours and a contrast to the chrome-plated barrel. Coloured like white, lime, coral, plum, turquoise and anthracite are perfect for a fashionable event.
  • It has a spring-loaded metal clip and is flexible.
  • And has a twist mechanism to retract the black smooth and waterproof magnum refill.

Faber-Castell Loom Pen

Have a fine ring and curved form. And when it comes to writing,

  • Loom pen exhibits effortless elegance. The black and white lacquer and high-gloss chrome-plated metal parts.
  • The metallic-look barrel is pleasing to the eye and the amazing colour of the Loom feature.
  • The material combinations are mechanical (twist) pencils, ballpoint pens, roller pens and fountain pens.

Faber-Castell Ambition OpArt Black Sand Pen

Is a tribute to a style-defining art form of the 60s. : Optical Art.

  • With a slimline barrel pattern and creates a visual effect with a colour and shape glimmering.
  • The sand-coloured base gives the Ambition pen a classical elegance.
  • The chrome-plated front and end pieces add a touch of lustre.

Is Faber Castell a good brand?

Yes, the German stationery and writing instruments provider is a good brand for art and writing instruments. The founder of Faber Castell, Kaspar Faber knew that graphite pencils broke easily, so unlike his competitors, he strove to great lengths to improve his pencils by mixing ground graphite with sulfur, anatomy, and binding resins – giving him a clear edge over his competitors.

Is Faber Castell an Indian company?

No, Faber Castell is a German company headquartered in Stein, Germany, it operates 14 factories and 20 sales units throughout the globe. The Stationery Group employs a staff of approximately 7,000 and does business in more than 100 countries. Today, the company operates 14 factories and 20 sales units, with six in Europe, four in Asia, three in North America, five in South America, and one each in Australia and New Zealand.