TV boxes from Evpad Malaysia can maximise your television experience by allowing you to browse online, stream movies, and engage with interactive gaming platforms. Check out the latest prices on Evpad TV boxes below! You may also visit the FAQ section to learn more about Evpad TV boxes.


Evpad Malaysia Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you buy an Evpad TV box in Malaysia?

Evpad TV boxes and media players, including the Evpad 3S and the Evpad 2S+, are available on e-marketplaces, such as Lazada and Shopee.

What are the different models of Evpad TV boxes?

Currently, Evpad has a variety of TV box models, with the Evpad 3S being the most popular. This is because the Evpad 3S has many advanced features, such as 6K picture quality and 3D Blu-Ray. Aside from the Evpad 3S, you can also get the following models, each with special features and settings.

  • Evpad 3MY
  • Evpad 3Plus
  • Evbox
  • Evpad 3Max+

Fret not because these TV box models are also up to par with the Evpad 3S.

How do you install an Evpad TV box?

  1. Connect your Evpad TV box to your TV.
  2. Connect the TV box to a network using a wired (Ethernet) or wireless (WiFi) connection.
  3. Start installing apps and watch your favourite TV shows and movies on demand.

How does an Evpad TV box work?

An Evpad TV box allows users to view digital content, such as TV programs and movies, on televisions, engage with digital entertainment, and much more.

To enable your TV box, simply hook it up to a TV using an HDMI cable and then connect it to the Internet via WiFi or Ethernet cable. After that, you can start installing apps and then stream your favourite TV shows and movies.

How does the Evpad Pro work?

Once it’s hooked up to a TV and the Internet, the Evpad Pro lets you install a wide range of apps and watch your favourite movies and TV shows on your TV.

How do you update the firmware on an Evpad TV box?

To update your Evpad Pro or Evpad 2S+ to the latest firmware version, select System Update which is usually found under All Apps.