We should all look up to South Koreans for their skincare and cosmetics regimen. Their skin always looks flawless and their makeup application is always fresh and natural. With products from Etude House, you can easily achieve the Korean beauty craze that all the idols are doing. Read more about the brand below.

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How to Achieve K-Beauty Trends with Etude House Malaysia

The South Korean beauty trends are the total opposite of the western cosmetics fads; they prefer dewy, doll-like, bright skin as opposed to heavily-contoured and symmetrical facial features. To achieve the South Korean beauty look, you don’t need to look far and wide as Etude House Korea offers a wide array of products that meet the Korean beauty standards.


As opposed to sun-kissed and bronzy skin, the South Koreans take pride in fair and bright skin. Your skin should be free from blemishes, acne, or any other conditions that would take away from that notion of doll-like, youthful beauty. To the South Koreans, a healthy skin is your best asset. To achieve this, try using Etude House’s products from their skin care line.

Begin by washing your face daily, preferably in the morning and at night, with their face cleansing product. The Etude House Wonder Pore Deep Foaming Cleanser is great for those with oily skin and visible pores. Then, pour some toner on a cotton pad and apply it all over the face. Finish with a generous application of cream, gel, or moisturizer. Protect the brightness of the skin with Etude House’s sun-care products like the Sunprise Must Daily SPF50+.


The Koreans dislike the cakey effect of foundation and they prefer using lighter products like BB creams to give them light coverage. Although providing a light coverage, Etude House BB creams can mimic your skin tone and cover up those pesky blemishes. The good thing about using BB cream is that they won’t be streaky and won’t melt after you’ve been wearing them for hours.

One of the best-selling Etude House BB cream is the Precious Mineral BB Cream Blooming Fit. It uses a 3-in-one formula that can whiten, eliminate wrinkles, and protect the skin against the UV ray with its SPF30. It also has the “Slim Layer Fit Formula” so it doesn’t smudge after a prolonged wear. To apply the product, pump a generous amount of the cream on the hand and pat it gently on the face with your fingers.

Eyes and Brows

Most South Koreans have monolid and rounded eyes. To make their eyes look bigger, they apply their eyeliner with strokes that are angled downwards. Another beauty trend that many Koreans emulate is the aegyosal. The aegyosal refers to the layer of fat right under eyes starting from the tear duct. While Westerners would cover this puffy area with concealer, Koreans highlight it with white eye pencil or shimmer.

For the brows, Korean tends to stray away from the pointed-arched eyebrow look. They use light strokes and shades in lighter colors for a natural look. Etude House offers many eyebrow products in varying shades like the Color My Brows mascara for the brows, Perfect Brow Kit palette, Drawing Eye Brow Duo pencil, and the Keep My Brows Fixer gel.


While the western world considers people like Kylie Jenner and Angelina Jolie as an inspiration due to their full lips, the Koreans prefer something more subtle for their lips. When applying lip products, they don’t try to make their lips appear bigger by using lip liner and over-lining the outline. Instead, they emphasize the center of the lips by applying the lip product from the inside and towards the outside. This creates an ombre effect, leaving the lips looking natural and fresh. They also emphasize the health of their lips by putting on a generous layer of lip balm or lip exfoliating mask to remove any dead skin.

Some of the best Etude House lipsticks and lip products are:

  • Balm & Color Tint – Two-toned gradation pencil lipstick. Contains matte and sheer shades.
  • Dear My Blooming Lips – A moisturizing lipstick with a chiffon finish. Moister than cream finish and more long-lasting than a matte finish.
  • Twin Shot Lips Tint – This product contains a two-tint gradation that darkens over time. It includes a soft mousse tint and a pigmented tint shot.

Etude House for Men

Just like how makeup trends in the West aren’t limited to one gender, many male idols and celebrities would use Etude House cosmetics to achieve the ethereal, youthful look. Etude House offers men skincare products like the Gentle Black cleanser line that consists of an Energy Toner, Energy Emulsion, All-in-One Fluid, and One Shot Cleansing Soap.

If you can’t find the time to go to one of Etude House’s shops in Malaysia, why not look for the products here on iPrice? You can find makeup, skin care, and hair care products so you can look like your favorite hallyu star.