Esprit is a clothing brand from San Francisco that has been a long-time staple in casual wear. It plays with conventional styles to come up with something different and yet traditional. Find out more about Esprit and its range.


Esprit Malaysia: Exploring the Spirit of Californian Freedom

The first Esprit clothing was sold from the car boot of its idealistic founders, Susie and Doug Tompkins. The Tompkinses had hoped to promote and convey San Franciscan open-mindedness and easygoing attitude through their clothes. Esprit de Corp found a huge following first in Germany and then the rest of Europe, and never looked back ever since.

The Many Moods of Esprit

Although best known for apparel bearing its logo with interrupted lettering, Esprit has since branched out into multiple product lines to meet the needs of their varied customer base. There is the standard collection for the businessman or woman to infuse trend into their workwear. A separate casual collection paved the way for Esprit t-shirts to become a dependable staple for casual Fridays at the office or hanging out with friends on the weekend. There is de.corp Esprit Urban Casual which caters to those searching for an urban edge to their basic clothing. Meanwhile, the younger crowd can look to edc by Esprit for fashion inspired by the latest music and the ever-changing trends of cosmopolitan cities. In addition to that, one can also trust Esprit hoodies and sweatshirts because the brand has been producing reliable sportswear since the 1970s. As for childrenswear, Esprit produces a clothing line ranging from the newborn to the youth.

In keeping with its relaxed Californian origins, Esprit clothing favours a laid-back style of tailoring. It hides the consequences of Monday’s muffins while giving the impression that you are one chill stop away from exploring the vineyards of Southern California. The challenge of Esprit had been to introduce its basic and easygoing style in new ways and it has always risen to the occasion by choosing to innovate with colours, fabric, and shape.

Fashion with a Conscience

Esprit clothes are made to last. Such cannot be said of many products nowadays, but from the very beginning, even before most companies have heard about social responsibility, Esprit has been eco-friendly. The brand largely uses natural materials in the manufacturing of their clothes and takes steps to maintain a responsible method of production. It is for this reason that Esprit has been awarded “Best Environmental Responsibility” by the Asian Excellence Awards two years in a row and even has been declared the ‘leader’ in the Greenpeace Detox Catwalk.

Esprit is also one of the more affordable brands in the market, considering the quality of its product. “We want to make you feel good to look good,” is a brand promise from Esprit and it endeavours to continue doing so through responsible, natural and relaxed fashion.

Diverse Fashion at Your Fingertips with Esprit Malaysia

Although present in over 40 countries with thousands of points of sales, the online Esprit collection available in Malaysia can boast as having the largest range in all of Asia. So if you're concerned about the environment and your wallet, if you're a style savant but also like to relax once in a while, dress yourself up in the nonchalant fashions of Esprit Malaysia now. There’s a style for every one of you.