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Ceiling fans are a staple fixture in most Malaysian houses as it cools down the house and its inhabitants especially in the hot Malaysian climate. Elmark Malaysia produces ceiling fans with innovative designs to provide better air circulation to cool down the air more effectively. Read more about how to upkeep your Elmark ceiling fans below.

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ELMARK P50-1M Brown Ceiling Fan
RM 598.00 RM 680.00
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ELMARK 921 5 Blade Ceiling Fan (Gun Metal GM)
RM 234.90 RM 399.00
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ELMARK Monte Air Ceiling Fan
RM 229.00 RM 280.00
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ELMARK [2 unit] Ceiling Fan Super 123-GM(black) (Twin Pack)
RM 388.00 RM 599.00
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ELMARK ceiling fan
RM 299.00 RM 380.00
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ELMARK 3 Blades, 42'' Baby Ceiling Fan – Gun Metal
RM 248.00 RM 299.00
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ELMARK El380 Clear ceiling fan
RM 480.00
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ELMARK Dolphin 52" Ceiling Fan -3 Blades
RM 294.00 RM 300.00
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ELMARK Ceiling Fan 3 Blades 42'' Baby (Black,White)
RM 280.00 RM 399.00

Ways to Clean Your Elmark Ceiling Fans in Malaysia

Similar to other appliances at home, Elmark ceiling fans in Malaysia require occasional cleaning to ensure its effectiveness. Ceiling fans will start collecting dirt and dust at its blades over time. If they are not cleaned, the dirt will spread across the room when the fan is in use, leaving a thick coat of dust on furniture surfaces.

Hence, your ceiling fan should be cleaned often to avoid the accumulation of dust. Thankfully, it is not too cumbersome of a chore to complete. Your ceiling fan should be cleaned once every month and this can be done quickly and easily with some cleaning tools that are already commonly available at home as mentioned below:

Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners provide an easy and hassle-free way to rid your ceiling fans of accumulated dust. Most vacuums come accompanied with a dusting attachment which allows you to fasten a brush over the vacuum’s hose, making it easy to dust surfaces without needing to worry about scattering dust everywhere. If your vacuum does not have a dusting attachment, you can easily acquire one cheaply in hardware stores. After attaching the brush, just follow these instructions:

  1. Turn on the vacuum cleaner and hold it at an arm’s length.
  2. Use a step-stool or a ladder to help you reach the ceiling fan so that you do not overextend yourself. Stand slightly off to the side of the ceiling fan at a position where you can move the vacuum along the length of the blade.
  3. Then, run the attachment along the length of the blade. Move the hose in a single direction first, then go back again in the opposite direction over the blade to catch any dust that you might have missed.

Cleaning by Hand

Another way you can clean your Elmark ceiling fans in Malaysia is by using your hands. If you opt to use your hands, a simple cloth will do the trick. Cloth that is made of softer materials – such as cotton and microfiber do a better job of collecting dust, especially when they are damp. One of the advantages of manually cleaning your fan is that you can stabilize the blades by holding on to them. Moreover, once you are done cleaning one blade you can just rotate the fan slightly to reach the next blade. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to clean your Elmark Malaysia ceiling fans with your hands:

  1. Dampen the cloth that you are using to wipe the fan. Place a bucket filled with water nearby in case you need to wring the cloth occasionally.
  2. Set up a ladder or step stool to elevate yourself closer to the fan for easier cleaning. Carefully position yourself slightly to the side of the fan instead of directly below it.
  3. Wipe each blade clean by going over each fan blade with straight and linear strokes, in one direction rather than back and forth. Thicker coatings of dust might require multiple passes when cleaning by hand.
  4. Once you are done with one fan blade, carefully rotate the fan so that you can reach and clean the next blade without repositioning or overextending yourself.

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