Elmark Malaysia utilizes latest technology and innovations to produce its ceiling fans. It can spruce up your home while providing cool breeze for every corner of your house. Tackle the task of installing an Elmark ceiling fan by yourself by reading through the steps here.


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Elmark Malaysia Installation Guide

Elmark is a brand that offers some best ceiling fans in Malaysia. They pride themselves in the number of products the carry, allowing Elmark to suit all stylistic needs and budgets. The brand divides the fans into six categories: local model, new model, designer model, export model, industrial fan, and remote-controlled. All the fan models are made with either microfiber, wooden, acrylic, metal, or rattan blades. The new models include fans with unique designs, like the NMD 04 equipped with ladybug-shaped fan blades. Designer models look more luxurious, emulating the more high-end fans butt it still offers an affordable price.

This guide is specifically made for those who are interested in getting an Elmark ceiling fan but scared of how hard the installation will be. Well, keep reading and you’ll find a simple guide that you can read along with your fan’s manual to get you through this process.

How to install your Elmark ceiling fan

For those who were unfortunately not gifted with handiness, attempting to install a ceiling fan can be intimidating. However, there are ways that you can easily install a fan to any room. If you could just pay an extra attention and read through this guide carefully, your home can become cooler (literally and figuratively) in no time.

The tools and materials you need for this project are:

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Drills
  • Pliers (Lineman’s and long nose)
  • Hammer
  • Wire cutters/strippers
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Ladder
  • Light kit
  • Dimmer
  • Switch
  • Electrical tape
  • Wire nuts, and of course
  • Elmark Ceiling fan and its mounting kit

Depending on the fan model, you will not be needing all the tools and materials listed above but to be on the safe side, take out your toolbox and make sure all the important tools are there. Once you have gathered everything, follow these 5 steps carefully along with the manufacturer’s manual to install your Elmark fan.

  1. Inspect any electrical outlets. Look for an existing electrical outlet, typically ceiling lights, that you can replace with a ceiling fan. Make sure the junction box is compatible with the specifications of the ceiling fan. A junction box simply means an enclosure containing housing electrical connections like wires and cables.
  1. Prepare the installation site. Turn off all the power in your home by switching all the levers in the main fuse or circuit box. This is to avoid any power outages or failures that can potentially be dangerous. Disconnect and label all wires and remove existing fixtures. Make sure the junction box is secured and sturdy enough to support an entire ceiling fan.
  1. Mount the bracket or ceiling plate. Place the fan bracket around the installation site and secure it with the screws provided by Elmark. Slip the wires through the center hole of the mounting bracket or ceiling plate. Different fan models will have different steps when it comes to mounting the brackets. For example, some fans hang from a downrod while others are installed directly against the ceiling.
  1. Install the ceiling fan. Start by connecting all the wires based on their colors or the labels that you have written from the second step. For flush-mount fans or fans attached directly on the ceiling, thread the wires from the fan motor through the outer trim ring if provided. For downrod installations, insert the rod into the collar of the fan motor and secure it with a screwdriver. If needed, cut and strip the fan wires using a pair of pliers. After attaching all the wires and tucking them into the junction box, secure everything by tightening the screws.
  1. Attach the fan blades and bulbs. To attach the fan blades, screw them onto the blade arms and make sure to attach it in the right direction. The side that you want to show should be facing downwards. Some models have quick-install blades to make installation much faster. These blades require you to simply insert the blade posts through the keyhole slots. Lock these blades in place by rotating them until you hear a click.

Still lost? Make sure you follow Elmark’s manufacturer’s guide, too, so you can enjoy the breeze generated by your newly-installed fans. If you want to avoid all the hassle of attaching the fan blades, try Elmark’s latest product: the bladeless ceiling fan. Through Elmark’s partnership with Exhale Fans, they now supply bladeless fans in multiple colors that you can turn on for 24 hours straight.

Other than ceiling fans, Elmark also offers innovative water heaters and lights with great price points. If a ceiling fan is not enough, you can browse through the brand's selection of air conditioners to help you go through the biting Malaysian weather.

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