Bring the west and the east together with the apparels and accessories from Elle Malaysia. Not only Elle is a global publication phenomenon, it is also a brand that smartly combines the chic Parisian style with the unique Japanese fashion trends. To know more about Elle Malaysia, read the article by clicking here.

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Combine Parisian and Japanese Style with Elle Malaysia

As a subsidiary brand of the hugely successful international publication, Elle must live up to the standards held by the magazine. The motto of Elle Magazine and all of its subsidiary brands is to give women all the outlets they need to discover their own personal styles.

Elle Apparel

Elle clothing tends to be quite airy, mimicking the casual Parisian street style where everything is lightweight and casual. The Elle clothing also mixes and matches trends from different decades into their collections. For instance, culottes pants that were popular in the 1930’s made a big comeback, which prompted Elle to include the style into their clothing collections.

Besides that, Elle offers dresses and lightweight tops perfect for the scorching summer days. You can even combine several Elle clothing items to create one specific look. For office wear, put on the Elle Telecolor Tank Top in any neutral color and layer the Elle No Color Blazer on top. Match it with the Elle Micro Twill Circular Skirt or Elle Two Touch Pants for easy movements. With an outfit as easy to put on as this, you can also turn it into a casual attire just by leaving the blazer off.

Elle Footwear

The Elle shoes are truly one of a kind. They resemble vintage, French Renaissance shoes while still retaining its modern design. The shoes are mainly equipped with low to mid-high heels, making it extra comfortable to walk around in without sacrificing any style points. The shoes are feminine and contemporary, simple and elegant, bringing a true Parisian style and combining it with the functionality of Japanese fashion.

Elle Bags

Other than their clothes and footwear, the Elle brand is perhaps most known for its bags. Elle handbags uses sturdy materials combined with a sophisticated and functional design. You can easily find totes, backpacks, sling bags, shoulder bags, messenger bag, and more, so all your functional and stylistic needs can always be fulfilled with Elle bags. They are available in many colors, ranging from darks to pastel which is a crucial factor depending on what type of look you’re trying to achieve. For office wear, darker colors like navy greens, maroon, or browns are suitable while for casual wear in the summer, bright and pastel colors are acceptable.

Elle Watches and Jewelry

Any fashion brand is not complete with a jewelry line and a watch collection. Elle is no exception as it has produced many great timepieces and jewelry; all can easily complete your Elle ensemble. The customers for Elle watches and jewelry are described as a woman who is aware of herself and what the portrays to the world. The Elle watches and jewelry are for those who utilize fashion to express their inner beauty and those who value personal freedom and the pursuit of individuality. This philosophy is apparent through their watches and jewelry, letting women everywhere, in Paris, Japan, and beyond, to freely express themselves to the world.

Elle for Men

The Elle brand also caters for men through its line of men’s clothing and footwear. The men’s collection, aptly named Elle Homme, focuses more on formal, business, and office wear. However, they also offer collections of innerwear, swimwear, wallets, belts, and watches. Still, their best-selling product lines are the legwear, dress shirts, necktie, and travel bags. Surprisingly, Elle travel bags are of the highest quality, standing on the same level as other brands that specifically produce travel bags. They are sturdy yet lightweight, perfect for any businessman on the go.

Elle Ecole

Who says that a high-quality brand can only cater to a specific audience? While men, women, and kids can easily purchase items for luxury brands, they’re often forgetting one of the biggest demographics in the world: students. With Elle Ecole that offers an array of school uniforms, kids won’t ever complain about how drab their school uniform is. These uniforms follow the traditional Japanese school uniform silhouette, so people outside of Japan can utilize these for other purposes such as costume play or cosplay.

Other than these subsidiary brands from Elle, they also have Elle Petite for toddlers and children, Elle Girl for teenage girls and young adults, Elle Marriage for bridal and bridesmaids wear like dresses and accessories, Elle Sport for casual and sportswear including leggings, tanks, and more, Elle Maison for home décor and furnishings including beddings and linens, and Elle Planete, a line of casual footwear suitable for any occasions.