With their holistic approach to their products, Elken is now one of the biggest direct selling companies today. From different categories such as health care and appliances, Elken gives both its loyal customers and members premium products, and services to improve their quality of life. Check out Elken’s exciting products below or read more about the brand below.


Elken Malaysia - Improving the Quality of Life

From head to toe, inside and out, your well-being is a priority to improve your quality of life. Take the next step in renewing your habits with Elken Malaysia - the country’s premiere direct selling company. With amazing and life-changing products in health care and appliances, Elken gives you the opportunity to change your lifestyle and create a better world for you and your loved ones. Elken is your one-stop shop to wellness!

About Elken Malaysia

Elken Malaysia first started out in 1995 with a vision to transform people’s lives. With their long-time philosophy “Elken builds you, to build others”, the goal of the company is to nurture people in all aspects of life and create a better world. From a person’s physical needs, financial well-being, personal development, career, and family life, Elken strives to make your life better and share the opportunity with others.

Elken is a prime example of success. With a global presence in nine countries across Asia Pacific, Elken has grown from its roots in Malaysia to Asia, and the rest of the world. Elken provides support to all of its direct-selling members with growing facilities with world-class lounges, galleries, and multi-purpose training facilities, that allow everyone to share their experiences with Elken. Throughout the years of operation, Elken has received a significant amount of rewards and recognition. The brand is tagged as a Superbrand in Malaysia and is also an ISO-certified for World Standard Management System. Whether you are a member or not, Eleken is certainly a brand you can trust.

Why choose Elken

Great selection of products

Down to the tiniest detail, Elken is all about providing you with top quality choices from your hygiene, health, beauty, household appliances, and accessories. Their unique selection of products are created to improve life for you and everyone around you.

Testimonials from users and members

Along with their numerous awards, Elken Malaysia also has received positive testimonials from users and members; real people with real stories. With Elken’s exceptional selection of products, you too would not be disappointed.

A brand with innovation

Elken is all about developing new products and reformulating old ones to make your household a more comfortable place to live in. Elken provides products without additives, and harmful ingredients. When you switch to Elken, you would instantly know the difference!

Change your daily lifestyle with Elken

Changing your lifestyle for the better can be quite a challenge. From the food that you eat, down to household appliances, and health care, Elken provides you with healthy, innovative, and top quality products that would help you change your daily lifestyle.

Elken Health Care

Elken Malaysia has a whole new approach to health care called the MRT or Molecular Reform Therapy. Instead of looking at your body as a whole, MRT takes health on a cellular level, providing you with necessary elements for optimum health primarily adequate food, oxygen, water, and a healthy mind. MRT is broken down into four steps that would provide your body with the necessary elements that it needs. These steps are mainly:

  1. Step one: a balanced nutrition with Elken MRT supplents ranging from Vitamin C, Spirulina, DHA, Calcium, and so much more.
  2. Step two: is to enhance your oxygen intake with the use of Arosa Oil, an Oxygen supplement called the AOIII and a Guasa Board - an ancient Chinese medicinal form of exercise.
  3. Step three: involves detoxification with Elken Win Tea and Fujita Lactose-S, designed to flush out all the toxins in your body.
  4. Step four: aims to regulate and maintain your health through multi-vitamins, and supplements from natural sources such as plant oils, collagen, etc.

Elken Home Appliances

Focused on providing you with safe, and clean water, Elken home appliances, called Bio Pure, takes water purification to the next level. With their innovative and cutting-edge Reverse Osmosis Purification System, Elken Bio Pure removes contaminants as small as 0.0001 microns along with a five-step filtration process, ensuring safe, and drinkable water.

Elken Everyday

Changing the way you live, from the smallest consumer products, Elken gives you a better lifestyle that you can share with your family. From hygeine, health, cosmetics, down to your household needs, Elken improves your way of life by providing concentrated, effective, and environment-friendly products for you.

Shop for your favorite Elken products online!

If you are someone who wants to change your lifestyle and become a much healthier person, then switch over to Elken Malaysia and become a member! Check out their extensive array of products from supplements, and appliances available at iPrice Malaysia!