Perfumes are one thing that everyone loves as it not only makes them but everyone around them happy. Elizabeth Arden is a brand that dedicated her whole life to please the ladies. Which is why her perfumes are the ultimate best. Read on to find out why.


Elizabeth Arden Perfumes – Evoking hidden memories and emotions.

Since the early civilization, people, mainly women have been adorning scented oils, perfumes and other fragrances. And according to research, nearly 80% of women sprays this sweet smelling scent on themselves at least once a day. These scents have the power to evoke hidden memories, a form of escapism and has the ability to express our individuality and most importantly, it makes us happy. This is exactly what Elizabeth Arden wished for in her collection of captivating aromas. Evoke your senses today with Elizabeth Arden perfumes.

Define your personal style essence with Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden is an American fragrance, skincare and cosmetic company that was started by Florence Nightingale Graham (even her name is so sweet) in 1910, way before your grandparents were even born. She then changed her name to Elizabeth Arden, using it as her professional name as well as the name of her company. Elizabeth Arden’s main focus for her company was more on helping out the ladies in the field of skincare and cosmetics which gave her an opportunity to open her first Red Door spa in Manhattan and later on as her empire grew, she placed her flag of success in major cities all over the world.

Elizabeth Arden, as an innovator in the field of women’s cosmetic changed their direction when they dived into the world of sweet smelling perfumes. With the introduction of their very first fragrance, Blue Grass, they were able to create a change in the way women viewed sweet smelling perfumes. Down the road, they continued to issue a long list of scents under their own brand name and under the different name of their collaborated partners, designers and celebrities. Many Red Door spas that continues Elizabeth Arden’s legacy today paid tribute to the important piece of their history, the introduction of the Red Door Fragrance in 1989.

With more than 60 different perfumes in their database created by their own and by perfumers like Ann Gottlieb, Olivier Gillotin, Marypierre Julien, Yann Vasnier, Antoine Lie, George Fuchs, Francis Kurkdjian, Rodrigo Flores-Roux and more, Elizabeth Arden never fails in engulfing everyone in their beautiful, enticing, aromatic world of fragrances.

Find it. Flaunt it. What Elizabeth Arden Perfume is for you?

Fragrances have a range that’s incredible in expressing the myriad aspects of our individual personalities. It is just like the clothing that we choose to wear – a different ensemble when we are feeling playful and a totally different one when we want to bring out our sensuality or uniqueness. Which is why knowing the different scents that might evoke these emotions can be helpful in narrowing down the one that captures your unique traits.

Elizabeth Arden Perfumes – Accentuating your sense of style

Here are the 10 ten scents from Elizabeth Arden that you would surely want on your vanity.

  1. Pretty by Elizabeth Arden Spray
  2. Pretty Hot Women Eau De Parfume by Elizabeth Arden
  3. Red Door by Elizabeth Arden
  4. 5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden
  5. Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden
  6. Red Door Revealed by Elizabeth Arden
  7. Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden
  8. UNTOLD by Elizabeth Arden
  9. Green Tea Lavender by Elizabeth Arden
  10. Arden Beauty by Elizabeth Arden

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