Always staying up late for your beloved series marathon and not having enough time to get ready for work the next day? Do you find yourself dashing out of the door with just a quick face wash and a speedy make-up application? Little did you know that with just a couple of minutes to spare for your skincare and makeup routines, you can still purify and look like runway model only with Elizabeth Arden. Taking care of your facial and skin necessities since 1910, you can always count on Elizabeth Arden to cater for all your needs.

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Changing the lives of women everywhere since 1910

As one of the oldest names in the fashion industry, you can bet your last dollar that Elizabeth Arden is one women that knows what she is doing. Started way back in 1910 in New York, Elizabeth Arden grew her company from just a mere solon on New York’s Fifth Avenue to becoming one of the wealthiest women in the world. Today, over 100 years after its conception, Elizabeth Arden products are sold in more than a 100 countries all over the globe.

To be armed with over 100 years of experience, this label have gone through many up and downs to be where it is today. In 1912, Arden took part in the suffrage movement and did her part by supplying red lipsticks to the suffragettes. This striking red lipstick soon became part of a standard rally uniform and a symbol of female emancipation. And thanks to this movement, the brand actually blossomed to become one of the biggest beauty names in the industry.

Even after moving on from this world back in 1966, she left behind a great legacy that all women everywhere rejoices. She is the perfect example that shows with hard work and skill, you can turn a company into one of the most recognized and successful brands in the world. It is one of the greatest label to the first to introduce eye makeup to the American women and the first to make travel sized products (thank you for that!) and the list goes on and on.

The only miracle worker

Have you been looking everywhere for your own version of miracle for your skin? Then look no further for Elizabeth Arden is here with the Ceramide Capsules daily Youth Restoring Serum. This serum is created to provide the normal to very dry skin with a short but extremely effective list of ingredients that will surely restore a healthy skin barrier function. Added to this, this ceramide capsules also supplies the elements your skin needs to not only look great but also to feel great. The cell-communicating ingredients and skin-restoring ceramides infuses together to form two different types of antioxidant vitamins A and well as vitamin B. If you worried about your skin being sensitive to this serum, it is proved to be save for those dealing with eczema as these capsules are fragrance and preservative free.

Captivating your senses with the best of Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden has become a renowned to create high quality skincare, cosmetics and even deals with some amazing fragrances as well. Here is a list of their best perfumes.

Pretty By Elizabeth Arden
Just like its name, this perfume has been on the best-sellers list for quite some time. It best notes are orange, cream, amber, vanilla, wood and others, well suited for those who are looking for something mild yet captivating.
Red Door by Elizabeth Arden
A scent that is perfect for the wild and bold women. It features notes from red roses, orchids, mixed flowers, and some spicy scents like honey and spices to enhance your confidence.
Green Tea By Elizabeth Arden
If you are looking for something outstanding for daytime usage, this is the fragrance to go. It features scents from citrus, lemon, rhubarb, peppermint, oakmoss, musk and amber that ensures you a gorgeous and attractive look.
5th Avenue after Five by Elizabeth Arden
If you are looking for a scent that takes the party to a whole new level, that the 5th Avenue After 5 is designed especially for you. It has a combination of floral and woody scents just the classic but with a much stronger scent.

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