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Blu-ray players are the media players of today. Being able to play high-definition videos from Blu-ray discs have brought high-definition viewing to the comforts of our homes with enhancements such as 3D or surround sound. Read more here.

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Blu-ray players, high-definition whenever you want

What is a Blu-ray player?

Who doesn't love full high-definition videos? Even our online media are all in full HD or better. The only way we could fully enjoy the fantastic sight and sounds of the amazing quality of high-definition videos was in the cinemas, where they had an assortment of different types of screens and sound setups that would further enhance the visuals.

Blu-ray players now can bring all that amazing high-definition visuals and high-fidelity sound to our homes, and with the choice of our very own favourite movies too! Blu-ray players play Blu-ray discs, which are a type of storage format that is meant to be better than the DVD format. Blu-ray discs are capable of storing high-definition videos and can contain up to 25GB per layer, making dual, triple, and quadruple-layered discs able to store up to 128GB for larger Blu-ray readers to play.

Blu-ray players features

  • They are able to read and write Blu-ray discs that contain large storages and high-definition videos
  • Able to process high-fidelity audio from Blu-ray discs much better than other players.
  • Different Blu-ray players may have different features:
  • 3D Capable: Some Blu-ray players are capable of processing and playing 3D players; make sure your television is able to output 3D videos.
  • BD-Live: The capability for your Blu-ray player to connect to the internet to acquire extra information or features such as commentary or outtakes during a movie. Bonus content in movies are also usually done through this.
  • Multiple discs capacity: Some Blu-ray players have the ability to hold several Blu-ray discs at once so that you can save yourself the hassle of having to manually change discs every time.
  • Backwards-compatibility: It would be a value-added bonus if your Blu-ray player could also play older discs formats such as DVDs, audio CDs, and video CDs. Some are even able to read picture data in a slideshow.
  • USB and memory card compatibility: Most Blu-ray players are able to read videos, music and even access pictures via USBs or memory cards, provided that they are fast enough.
  • Surround sound: Although all Blu-ray players support surround sound, not all of them support Digital Theater Systems surround, which is another format of surround sound.
  • Video streaming: Video steaming is a service that enables you to watch online movies or videos through Internet streaming. These are usually in digital format - so your Blu-ray player acts like media TV box.

Buying a Blu-ray player

As with buying all kinds of electronics, always check before purchasing a Blu-ray player. Check with the feature list above and see what features you prefer, and then make sure that the brand of Blu-ray players that you are looking at has those features. There are many brands of Blu-ray players that you can choose from, such as Sony, Pioneer, Samsung, and Panasonic.