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Compared to CPU, the RAM is equally essential when it comes to building a powerful computer. Read about the importance of RAM here.

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RAM : Explore The Power Of RAM

Despite our society is now largely driven by the power of information technology, many still do not understand the meaning and function of RAM as they always confuse it with ROM. For starters, RAM is also known as Random Access Memory and it can be described as the working memory that obviously plays an important role behind operation and function of a device. In other words, the RAM allows the device to read or write the data in almost instantaneous manner regardless of the physical location of that data inside the memory.

Storing the information that the system needs rapidly, RAM allows you to run several programs or applications simultaneously. For example, you should be able to run your game, browse the internet and listen to music on your device at the same time without suffering any lag at all. However, the RAM can cause your device to be having significant loss of performance or slow down when it is full. This is due to the fact that the device has to switch to hard drive instead and this subsequently causes the device to take longer time in running the tasks. Such is the power of RAM and it is one of the important specifications that you must know before buying any device.

Types Of RAM That You Need To Know

The growth of technology means that there are several different types of RAM in the current market. Among all types of RAM, the SDRAM (Synchronous Dynamic RAM) is probably the common type of RAM as it is widely used since it performs better and quicker than other old memory types. In fact, it is flexible as it can perform at different clock speeds. Despite this, most devices now use DDR-SDRAM (Double Data Rate-SDRAM) because it is far more versatile and truly matches the newer processors in the market. Not only that, this type of RAM literally doubles the effectiveness of a single SDRAM and it proves to be a true game changer as boosts the potential and usability of the RAM. Hence, it is not a surprise that DDR-SDRAM is on its way to be the most popular type of RAM.

Your Trusted Brands In Providing Your RAM Solutions

Corsair: If you want to build a true performance-primed gaming machine, you should take a look at Corsair as it boasts incredible arsenal of powerful RAM cards that you can install on your computer. Each Corsair product is crafted to be exceptional as it usually boasts serious performance power which is also aided by superior cooling features that enables it to last longer. Corsair products are the embodiment of precision and power.

Like its namesake, Corsair Dominator Platinum is being hailed as the world's most advanced performance memory. It possesses the amazing blend of performance and stability as it contains its own proprietary cooling technology that allows for limitless performance. Next, the Corsair Vengeance LPX series is truly designed for high performance overclocking as its allows for superior overclocking headroom. Not just that, it also features better heat dissipation capability since its heatspreader is made of pure aluminum. Other noteworthy Corsair product is Corsair Vengeance DDR3 and DDR3L.

Kingston: Kingston is another familiar and famous brand when it comes to making high quality RAM cards that are both powerful and reliable. The Kingston HyperX family is truly a family of magnificent beasts as they deliver superior performance while allows for higher overclocking at the same time. Available in series such as FURY, Savage, Predator or Impact, each of them represents the combination of performance and reliability.

The Power Of RAM Compels You

Strictly speaking, having higher RAM in your computer does not speed up the performance of your computer. It just simply means that your computer is able to handle several programs smoothly at the same time. This also means that your computer will be able to surf the web faster, run the photo or video editing program smoothly or play the most demanding gaming titles. While the overall speed remains solely under the territory of CPU, the RAM allows smooth and swift processing of several programs at the same time and you will feel that your machine runs faster. In short, you are actually building the power and potential of your machine by getting the right kind of RAM for your computer to perform the tasks that you need it to do. When building powerful computer to suit your needs, take a look at SSDs for greater storage capacity with extra speed.