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The best way to take a selfie is to make full use of selfie sticks. Selfie sticks in Malaysia are now available online through iprice. Find out more here.

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Find the right Selfie stick in Malaysia for you

The latest craze in photography is here – the Selfie. Selfie, the term created solely for photographs taken of oneself, is one of the most commonly heard words these days. Everyone in Malaysia with a smartphone would have taken a selfie at least once. Besides the smartphone, the selfie stick is the tool that makes the selfie perfect. In Malaysia, the selfie stick is almost as popular as a smartphone. To get that perfect Instagram picture, a selfie is a must. Well, if you’re looking, we’ve got it! Selfie sticks on iprice come at a time when you need them most. Find out more with the links below.

Selfie sticks for any photo, any environment, anytime!

In the 18th century there were autobiographies, today there are selfies. Selfies are the epitome of time travel as you snap photos of your past, present and your future without the aid of anyone else. But to get that perfect snap, you need the right distance. The selfie stick or monopod, much like your personal photographer, helps to put some distance between you and the camera. It helps to get the flattering angle of yours so you look stunning in photos. There are many interesting features on selfie sticks, some of which include:

  • Extendable rod to adjust distance
  • Remote control shutter button for camera
  • Bluetooth sync & app pairing with smartphone
  • Waterproof and rustproof features
  • Anti-slip grips

Depending on your smartphone or camera, you may choose what combinations of monopod features you want on your selfie stick. Some even come with a mirror for you to glance at yourself while snapping.

Other variations of selfie sticks

The actual history of selfie sticks originates from the tripods of the olden days. Tripods were first used to snap pictures of people, places or things without being at the camera. A remote controlled camera would be placed atop a tripod and photos were snapped. Today, we have multiple variations of selfie sticks available. Some are small, some are big. You can even find some tripods that are flexible enough to be shaped and extended to fit its surroundings.

Popular brands of selfie sticks

Depending on what type of camera you use, you could get a matching selfie stick to go along with it. out of all the brands in the market, you may want to look at these few as some of the best out there.

  • GoPro
  • SJCam
  • Casio

Now that you know more about selfie sticks, it’s time for you to search for one. Choose by colour, features and user-friendliness to get only the best out of selfie stick shopping. shop on iprice for a huge variety of selfie sticks in Malaysia at unbeatable prices. All your photos will be priceless. Happy shopping!