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Key Benefits: -Power and Speed Electrolux Gas Hob is equipped with Aerated Dual Jet for maximum heating efficiency and rapid heat up ensuring delicious results every time you cook. -10 Year Warranty 10 Year Warranty. Our promise of durability: 10 years coverage on glass top. -Safety Safety Flame Device of the Electrolux Gas Hob cuts the gas off immediately if the flame is accidently blown out ensuring peace of mind for you and your family. -Easy to Clean Cleaning is a breeze with Electrolux Gas Hob. Its durable tempered glass can resist hard knocks and high heat while the dishwasher-safe grates make washing hassle-free. -High Heating Efficiency Electrolux Gas Hobs provide a larger heating area with 58% of heat efficiency so you can create flavourful dishes in your kitchen with powerful performance and efficiency. -SABAF Crown Burner Electrolux Gas Hobs come equipped with the branded SABAF Crown Burner that produces high heat, steady flame and guarantees precision and efficient cooking every time. Features: -Responsive Hi-Light Cooking Zones -SABAF 5.0kW wok burner with Dual Valve - precise heat control for superior results -High Heat Efficiency of 58% provides fast heat up & saves on gas consumption -Aerated Dual-Jet technology for powerful flame and rapid heat up -Safety Flame Device made in Japan - gas is cut-off at the source if the flame fails -Cast Iron Pan Support with integrated wok stand for stable wok support -Safety glass cooktop - resists hard knocks, high heat and easy to clean =http://store.tbm.com.my/img/cms/ELECTROLUX%20ADDITIONAL%20PIC/EGT9627CK.jpg> Read more
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Electrolux EGT9637EG
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