Are you always the more artistic one? Are colourful artworks your forte? If you are looking for exquisitely hand crafted art details that come in the form of bags, shoes and other accessories, take your pick at the world renown tattoo artist’s Ed Hardy artworks. His work is now printed onto many items! This popular Ed Hardy Collection bags will immediately enhance your overall vibe with its colorful and eye-catching design. Take your pick below now!

Ed Hardy Clothing
Ed Hardy Shoes

Artwork that can better complement your overall outfit

Other than the apparent reasons of why people dress up, which is to help with self confidence, your outfit can also express a person's personality. From a pair of glasses, a bag, a necklace, shoes, a t-shirt or a hat you can gage a person's personality according to his/her outfit. Some might also regard an outfit as a fashion statement that is necessary to look better. So, why Ed Hardy's artwork? Cause you'll find Ed Don Hardy’s passion for art, tattoos and Japanese designs in all these collection.

Ed Hardy’s collection will make you stand out among the rest as its one of a kind painting that resembles his tattoo designs will definitely catch attention. Due to the difference in patterns and the complexity of each design, wearers of the Ed Hardy collection will definitely attract good attention that’ll appreciate the true beauty of art. Cause only true artists will appreciate great works of art! A moderately priced brand, Ed Hardy allows everyone to have a chance to experience his love for art. The brand’s colorful and edgy motives will better complement your overall outfit and add in a gist of your personality, so showcase them with confidence and be the centre of attention. American singer Fergie is among the famous celebrities that love the Ed Hardy brand and is often photographed wearing the brand’s eyewear and clothing.

The Godfather of Modern Tattoo— Ed Hardy

About him

Don Ed Hardy or more commonly known as “The Godfather of Modern Tattoo” has indeed changed the way people see Tattoo art. Being one of the first tattoo artists to infuse Japanese patterns and techniques to his designs, Ed Hardy took the whole tattoo world by storm with his unique designs.

Ed's inspiration and passion

With a strong urge to create something that’s unique and out of this world, Ed dedicated himself with the help of a certain individuals, to bring his love of art to the world of fashion. By incorporating his designs into his clothing collection, that includes caps, apparels and not forgetting eyewear have been worn by some of the famous A-listers like Ashton Kutcher and Madonna, who were seen rocking this brand in the streets of Hollywood. Ed’s interest in art begun at an early age when he was a kid, the young Ed used coated pencils to draw and color on his friends backs. The art of tattoo eventually became one of his major passions, as he wanted to dwell in an art form that was unexplored. The tattoo culture in the 1960 were mostly related to sailors, prisoners and tribes back then which is very different from today’s tattoo culture. Ed had a vision to bring this body inking culture to more people and he definitely succeeded in transforming this tattoo culture that lead to the development today.

The future of tattoo culture

In 1991, Ed Hardy designed a key tattoo called the Panther Rose, which is a morphing and mixture of a rose and a panther. This morphing visual instantly became a new tattoo category on its own whereby elements are mixed up to form a new artwork. One of his most iconic works, this inspired many young tattoo artists to be experimental and daring with their designs and variation of patterns. Ed’s designs completely transformed the tattoo culture in the Western realm, which was mainly of anchors, tribal and cult codes. The current modern tattoo culture has evolved to a very vibrant scene with a wide range of styles and a growth of many budding and talented artists. Even using the most tribal tools, tattooing is able to develop along with time and will continue to be pieces of art that’ll live on.

Ed Hardy Malaysia Online Shopping

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