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eco lite Essence of Cordyceps Plus (Yang Sheng Jing) 益康冬虫夏草养生精 750ml EXP 10/2020
RM 75.00

益康冬虫夏草养生精 是采用天然中药秘制而成。 Ecolite Yang Sheng Jing Essence of Cordyceps Plus is formulated with quality natural herbs. 功效 / Functions: 冬虫夏草具有滋补元气,加速新陈代谢,缓解疲劳,改善整体免疫机能,提高整体免疫力。其他有效成分有补血作用,促进血液循环,改善手脚冰冷 Cordyceps Sinensis helps to restore energy, boosts metabolism, relieve fatigue and improve overall immune function. Other herbs improve blood deficiency and promote blood circulation, improve cold hands and feets. 成份 / Ingredients: Each 30ml contains: Cordyceps sinensis冬虫夏草 150mg Herba cistanches deserticola 肉苁蓉 375mg Rhizoma rehmania praeparatum 熟地黄 150mg Rhizoma polygonati odorati 玉竹 300mg Fructus lyceum barbarum 枸杞子 150mg Water add to 水加至 30ml 服用方法 / Direction For Use: 成人:一天两次,一次一杯(30毫升),饭后饮用。内备有量杯,服用前请摇均。 Adult: 1 cup (30ml) per serving, 2 times daily after meal. Measuring cup is provided. Shake well before use. 适合各年龄层男女用于一般日常保健。特别推荐给产后妇女以改善产后体虚等症状,恢复体力 Suitable for all generation,men,women for general health.Especially recommended for postpartum women to improve general wellbeing and strengthen body after childbirth 如瓶底有沉淀物,为天然药汁,此乃天然草药释析的自然现象。 This product contains herbal content, the sediment is a natural occurrence.

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eco Skin Care Malaysia

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