Do your knees and ankles ache after a long day at work or after your gym sessions? You might be over exerting pressure on them, causing pain and discomfort. Try using Ebene products to help ease the pain. Click here to learn more.

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Joint pain not only affects the aged but also the young and able if movements are not well coordinated. It is advisable to wear supportive guard products to support joints and relieve joint problems.

About Ebene

Chinese medical have a system that says that "Good blood and oxygen circulation is most essential to health" and "good blood and oxygen circulation causes no pain, poor circulation causes pain". Thus, it is important to have a good blood and oxygen circulation to avoid unwanted pain and uncomfortable aches when exercising or moving.

In 1996, Ebene was launched by L.D Waxson. The highly effective healthcare brand offers products that have Bio-Ray energy; a low-level radiation formed by a blend of natural and traces mineral elements. This Bio-Ray energy not only promotes blood and oxygen circulation in the body, it can also create good energy to relieve pain and enhances the metabolism of the body.

Bio-Ray technology

A different kind of energy as compared to the Far Infrared Rays from ceramic, Ebene Bio-Ray emits a radiation similar to the Far Infrared Rays from the sun. Rays from the sun as we know it, is required by all living things in the world to produce energy that is required for movement. It is also called Bio-Genetic Rays.

Bio-Ray strengthens our body’s metabolism which will then enhances physical and mental strength. By wearing Ebene joint supportive products, not only your joints will be protected but also your overall body health. Body cells will be rejuvenated and so slow down the natural body aging process. Even toxin elements in the body can be eliminated when Ebene with Bio-Ray technology is worn. Many users with arthritis, swelling and rheumatism have expressed that they have found much relieved with Ebene. Ebene products are also able to help in weight loss asit is able to assist in the burning of excess fats.

How can Ebene products help you?

Manufactured using advanced and scientific equipment, Ebene products are professionally made to help all people.

Made for professional sportsmen – especially for soccer players and athletes. With Ebene, people who are active in sports can have a convenient way to relax the leg muscles and enjoy greater comfort and improve their running speed and performance.
Support and enhanced leg strength – suitable for housewives, or anyone whose occupation requires them to stand for long hours like salesperson in the mall, restaurant service crews that have to walkabout and carry dishes to the table. Ebene relieves discomfort when walking too much and helps provide extra energy when moving around.
Prevent Osteoporosis – designed to suit the senile and aging, Ebene can support calcium losing bones and weak joints with its firm knee support and protection. If worn often, Ebene can actually prevent early Osteoporosis, brittle knee bones and water retention.

Top Ebene products

EBENE Bio-Ray Metal Support Knee Guard: A 3-in-1 pain relief support with extra flexible metal technology, this product helps in serious knee problems by stabilizing the knee joints with its flexible design. Users are recommended to wear a pair to get a balanced support as it can be worn for the whole day to support bone and soft tissues. Highly recommended for sportsmen who enjoy soccer, skating, basketball and cycling. Ebene is also effective for people who stand or sit for long periods of time and the elderly.
Ebene Bio-Ray Knee Guard: Stimulates blood & oxygen circulation in knee and leg, this product mainly focus to support the knee and relief muscle aches during and after exercise. It supports the knee joints and bones especially when moving up/down the staircases. Users can wear it for the whole day to get extra support.
Bio-Ray Loafer Socks: Shaped like normal women’s socks, users actually can get a 24-hour foot massage when wearing them. Ladies can also wear them with their favourite high heels to keep good blood flow to the feet and get extra support to prevent tiredness after long hours of walking. Besides the support, these trendy pair of socks also eliminates foot and shoe odour. Men can also enjoy the men’s socks version. Students can also opt to get a pair to get rid of feet tiredness after a long day at school.