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How to Clean Your DXRacer Chairs in Malaysia?

DXRacer chairs are originally designed to cater to the gaming society but the chairs are well-known for their superior quality and comfort making them a staple to many of their gaming and non-gaming customers. The DXRacer chair probably offers the most support compared to many other chair companies in the market - this is due to the many additional features found in DXRacer Malaysia chairs.

Features of the DXRacer Chairs

  • High and straight back

To start, DXRacer Malaysia has the highest backrest compared to many other office chairs. This is mainly to support your spinal column while allowing you to rest your neck. DXRacer cars are also built in a way that the right angle between the buttocks and waist is maintained because it is one of the sitting positions recommended by the medical industry.

  • Adjustable armrests

Not many office chairs allow you the freedom of adjusting your own armrests but the ones here at DXRacers Malaysia allow you to do just that. You can adjust the armrests to suit your height and needs as well as making sure that your elbow joints can form right angles to ensure maximum support when you use your mouse or other gaming controllers.

  • Angle and height adjuster

You can adjust the height of your DXRacer Malaysia chairs to give the most comfortable position based on your height and the computer desks’ height. The angle of the chairs can also be adjusted to as low as 130⁰ allowing it to accommodate to your various uses.

Cleaning Tips for DXRacer Chairs in Malaysia

If you’re mostly at your desk gaming or working, occasionally spilling things or accidentally staining your chair becomes a likely scenario. Which is why it is important to know how to clean your chair to keep your DXRacer Malaysia chairs looking sleek and spotless.

Should you spill anything on your chair, clean the stains immediately – the longer the stains are left alone, the harder it would be to remove it. However, before going in with any cleaning methods, always do a pre-test on a smaller unnoticeable area before moving on to the larger stain on your chair. Furthermore, always make sure that you read the instructions before using any cleaning products because the instructions may defer depending on brands and types. Also, keep in mind to use cleaning products in well-ventilated areas because certain cleaning products may have a strong odour.

The Different Type of Cleaners You Can Use

When you spill anything onto your chair, immediately soak up any excess liquid, vacuum off or gently remove any debris from your chair. Before jumping in and using a specific cleaner for your DXRacer chair, always try the simple soap and water method first.

  • For water-based stains (soft drinks, juice, coffee, tea)

These stains are best dealt with water-based cleaning agents. You can try mixing two tablespoons of ammonia or ammoniated detergent with a quart of water. With a cloth dampened in the solution you just made, gently wipe the stain while turning the cloth over every now and then. Always make sure you start from the outside of the stain and make your way towards the centre.

  • For oil-based stains (oil, ink, lipstick, mascara)

For these stains, use a pure water-free solvent like a spot remover or a dry-cleaning solution. Bear in mind that these cleaning products can cause discolouration so it is always important to make sure you do a pre-test on an inconspicuous area of your DXRacer Malaysia chair. Begin by using either a damp cloth or even a soft bristle brush and apply the solution to the stained area. Just like with the water-based solvent, always start from the outside before working your way to the centre of the stain.

Pay attention not to over-saturate the fabric with too much cleaning solution by cleaning with light and quick strokes. After you’re done, blot the area to soak up any excess cleaning solution with the stain and followed up with cleaning the area with a damp cloth and water. Allow to dry and then vacuum. This process is not guaranteed to work in one shot. So repeat if necessary before consulting a professional cleaning service.

  • Cleaning the Vinyl of your DXRacer Malaysia chairs

Stronger detergent may be used for more difficult stains but always check for the manufacturer’s instructions before any attempts. Start with a soft cloth when you use a non-abrasive household cleaner mixed with water. Apply a large amount of solvent type cleaner like rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol with a soft cloth. After this, dry with a fresh cloth followed by rinsing the area with clean water and let dry. Finally, use a strong and active cleaner like acetone mixed with water and apply it to the area with a soft cloth. If the stain refuses to budge after 6 rubs, the stain has set and unfortunately, will not be able to be removed. Dry the area with another cloth followed by another rinse with clean water before allowing to dry.

Complete Your DXRacer Malaysia Set

If you’re looking for a more game-specific model, browse through the catalogue to look for a more gaming specific DXRacer chair here in Malaysia!

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