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A brand that needs no introduction. A brand that is practically the king of the milk industry. A brand that is favoured by kids and parents everywhere. And there the list goes on. Dutch Lady has indeed changed the world to be a better place with their nutritional goodness. Want to know more about this great brand? Click here to read on.

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Dutch Lady Sebamed Baby Starter Pack
RM 26.00

Baby Sebamed Starter Pack - A complete set for your baby. Baby Starter Pack is the uniquely formulated Baby Wash Extra Soft, together with the complementary Baby Lotion to ensure that the baby’s skin is soft, supply and hydrated. Further, the Baby Diaper Cream provides a breathable, non-occlusive physical barrier that protects the baby’s skin from irritants in its own excrements. With all these 3 items together, the Baby Starter Pack is a complete cleanse and care starter kit for new mummies or mummies with young children to experience a complete Baby Sebamed cleanse and care regime for their infant/newborn(s). What is so unique about the Baby Wash Extra Soft? Baby Wash Extra Soft is the only product in the market which is formulated closest to the make-up of ‘vernix’ which is the natural cheesy, whitish layer that babies develop during the end of the 2nd trimester of the mother’s pregnancy. I have also included an image of a newborn covered in vernix for your information. ‘Vernix’ is proven in clinical test reports and WHO Clinical Practice guidelines to help and enhance in the following functions for a newborn or infant’s skin: i) Anti-bacterial protection; ii) Wound healing; iii) Retain moisture; iv) Temperature regulation; and v) MOST IMPORTANTLY, help the newborn/infant to develop a healthy, functioning protective barrier on its skin. Its primary active ingredients are vitasqualene which is derived from olive oil, allantoin which is a type of protein and mineral salts. Vitasqualene plays an important role in repairing and healing eczematous and irritated skin while allantoin helps to build the protective layer. Newborns/infants’ skin also tend to lose moisture more easily than adult skin and the mineral salts help to re-hydrate the newborn/infant’s skin.

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Dutch Lady Malaysia: Packed with nutrition and benefits for you and your family

Dutch Lady Malaysia: Changing the world with their goodness

Dutch Lady is all about milk. Everything they do revolves around milk. Even when their name is mentioned, the first thing that would surely pop in one’s mind is milk. Which is why Dutch Lady’s milk is the ultimate best. Since every good thing is known for their great history, this is Dutch Lady’s.

It all started in back in 1871, in Friesland, an area in North Holland that known known for their beautiful green meadows, sparkling lakes, clear skies and Frisian dairy herds and Campina, a wooden region of grasslands in the Netherlands. The farmers of these great pastures decided to join their heads together in creating a community that is committed to sustainable farming, to produce a better quality dairy product.

This community that knows more about milk that anybody else is known as the FrieslandCampina, one of the world’s largest dairy cooperatives. It is fully owned and directly supervised by the farmers themselves. After all, since farmers are experts when it comes to milk, it only makes sense that they be in charge of making this delicious, top quality milk.

From selecting the finest cows to having the best technology, Dutch Lady is committed to producing and delivering only the best milk to the whole world.

Dutch Lady Malaysia: A community where milk is celebrated and loved

Milk is naturally known for their benefit and goodness. Over here at Dutch Lady, for more than 140 years, the farmers have been mastering the art of producing milk, passing on the very best practices, principles and knowledge to the next generation. Their milk production combined with modern technologies, Dutch Lady has been producing milk that is filled with wholesome goodness ever since they started.

Milk in general is naturally filled with loads of benefits and essential nutrients that are extremely important in our daily life. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to reap its great benefits. According to researches and surveys, milk intake is decreasing in many families and compared to kids in the Western environment, kids in South East Asia lack in Vitamin D and are greatly undernourished. (Vitamin D is usually produced by the body while being outdoors).

Which is why Dutch Lady urges everyone to drink at least 2 servings of milk per day which is sufficient enough to provide you and your family essential nutrients that are sure to nourish them. What you would get are:

Protein – essential for growth and development
Calcium - development of strong bones and teeth
Vitamin A – for your eye functions
Vitamin B2 – the release of energy from foods
Vitamin D3 – Absorption of calcium and phosphorus

    But no would even put anything in their mouth unless it’s delicious. Which is why Dutch Lady makes sure that their milk makes the taste buds happy too. With a variety of tasty flavour such as Creamy White Milk, Rich Chocolate Milk and Fresh Strawberry Milk, there is something for everyone in your family to enjoy. In fact, the most difficult thing about drinking Dutch Lady is deciding which flavour you want to have first.

    Dutch Lady Malaysia: Building a stronger you from the inside out

    Milk cultivated by Dutch Lady is from the Frisian cow, one of the world’s most popular breeds that are known for producing the best milk. Even the grasslands where these cows hang out and laze around have been carefully cultivated by their very own farmers for many years. Dutch Lady believes that you get what you put in. With generations of dairy farming expertise and passion, Dutch Lady is proud to be the best manufacturer of delicious and nutritious milk.

    Indulge yourself and your family in the widest range of Dutch Lady products that include:

    Dutch Lady PureFarm: Make the right nutritional choices in this life that is filled with challenges to get the maximum benefit from life. Since Dutch Lady PureFarm is known for their nutritional value, why not indulge in this healthy beverage that is suitable for both the young and the old? This ideal drink for everyone in your family is available in 3 different formats to suit your taste buds and daily needs.
      • Dutch Lady Pasteurised Milk
      • Dutch Lady UHT Milk
      • Dutch Lady Sterilized Milk
    Dutch Lady Kid and School: Now available in Disney Edition packs, brighten up your little one’s day with Mickey Mouse and Friends packs today with the Dutch Lady Kids and Dutch Lady School. Filled with all the goodness of that the milk can provide, these mini packs are perfect supplements to their means and in-between hunger pangs.
    Dutch Lady Chocolate Drink EzyMix: What better way to start your morning than with rich, delicious, creamy chocolate drink? Besides being filled with rich chocolaty taste, the Dutch Lady Chocolate Drink EzyMix is packed with the goodness of milk, Omega 3 and 6, Magnesium and Vitamin B Complex.
    Dutch Lady Family Milk Powder: Yes, this is also nutritious and contains all the goodness Dutch Lady has to offer. It is suitable for your family and also your little one’s growing needs because it has just the right nutrients to keep you and your family active and alert.
    Dutch Lady NutriPlan with 5x DHA: This Dutch Lady NutriPlan with 5x DHA provides your child tailored nutrients to support their development, allowing them to give their best at every small yet important milestone in their life.
    Dutch Lady Low Fat Yoghurt & Dutch Lady 0% Yoghurt Drink: Maintain good natural defence with Dutch Lady Low Fat Yoghurt & Dutch Lady 0% Yoghurt Drink. This delicious snack provides Vitamin A, C, E and active live culture for you and your whole family.

    Get the nutrients only milk can provide from Dutch Lady today only at iprice.