Want to add excitement to your sex life? Durex Malaysia has more than just condoms to provide a long-lasting pleasure to keep you and your partner satisfied. From lubes, small sex toys, and condoms, you can have a fun and engaging play time with your partner! Get the best Durex products below or read more about fun condoms series from the brand.


Durex Condom Series That You Should Know About

Durex Malaysia is the most prominent brand when it comes to condoms. Most, if not all convenience stores put this brand on display on the cashier counter, so it's not to miss them. However, what makes them so popular is the branding and their product. Durex condoms are a trusted name by many couples from all around the globe.

This brand has been a word of mouth when it comes to quality condoms. The brand has a wide selection of rubber, each cut out distinctly to provide a hundred percent protection while intensely increasing comfort and pleasure. Here is a list of condom series that you can choose from Durex Malaysia:

Durex Close Fit

Specially designed to give you the maximum sensation during sex, Durex Close Fit condoms are skin-tight - almost like a second skin to provide intense sensations.

Durex B Close

If you are looking for go-to condoms, Durex B Close would be the perfect option. What makes it so special is the shape, they are designed to make it easier to put on with fewer distractions and more pleasure.

Durex Comfort

For men who carry heavier packages than usual, Durex Comfort is the condom for you. Durex Comfort is specially designed for comfort and a larger room for a larger baggage. You can never be too large with this Durex condom.

Durex Love

Good sex means good lubrication, and that's what Durex Love is all about. Durex Love is easy to put on with more lubrication for better sensations and better sex.

Durex Extra Safe

No need to sacrifice comfort and pleasure for safety with these Durex condoms. Durex Extra Safe are thicker than standard Durex condoms which are 100% tested break-proof; no need to worry about unwanted perforations.

Durex Together

Sex is all about your connection with your partner and that's what Durex Together is all about. Durex Together is a great go-to condom with more lubrication for better enjoyment and sexual pleasure.

Durex Invisible Extra Thin

The brand's thinnest condom ever made, the Invisible Extra Thin lets you enjoy sensations you have never experienced with its pleasurable fit, lubrication and naturally-soft texture. You won't feel the slightest discomfort with this Durex condom.

Durex Invisible Extra Lubricated

Another one of the brand's thinnest condoms, Durex Invisible Extra lubricated helps you maximize sensitivity by providing extra lubrication. Its soft and natural texture make you think that you're not wearing anything at all!

Durex RealFeel

The next generation of Durex condoms, Durex RealFeel is made from non-latex polyisoprene which has higher elasticity than rubber latex. It is soft, thin, and provides a better fit than normal condoms making each sensation 100x better.

Durex FeatherLite

When it comes to thin condoms, Durex never fails to provide you not one, but a selection of products to choose from. One of these products is the Durex FeatherLite which provides assurance as well as pleasure. It's thin enough for exciting sensations yet strong enough to avoid perforations.

Durex FeatherLite Warming

Aside from sensations, our private parts are also sensitive to temperatures during sex. That's why Durex FeatherLite Warming makes playtime a fun time with a pleasurable warming gel that adds spice to your senses.

Durex Sensations

If you want to intensify your sex life, then it's time to change condoms to Durex Sensations. These Durex condoms put the heat in between the sheets with its dotted condom design for maximum sensation. Every move is nothing but intense pleasure with Durex Sensations.

Durex PleasureMax

Combining the sensations of dotted and ribbed condom designs, Durex Pleasuremax delivers maximum comfort and pleasure to you and your partner. With their specially designed shape and positioned dots and ribs, you will never find action so intense.

Another product popular from Durex is their lubricant. The variety of lubricants from Durex promises more fun ways to play and experience pleasure. Their lubricants come in different flavors, fragrance, and consistency: properties which heighten sensation from your head to toe.

In addition, Durex's line of products is not just limited to what they are universally known for. Aside from condoms, Durex also manufactures high-quality sex toys, made for people who want to take their sex life to a whole new level. Their range of sex toys for men and women includes massagers, vibrators, strokers, massager, bullet, and cock rings. All these designed to ignite passion and provide an out of this world kind of pleasure.