Classic, fashionable styling starts with Dunhill. Get a complete perfume and Dunhill bag ensemble to suit your taste. Check out the best Dunhill products below or read more about some tips for premium Dunhill styling.

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Premium Styling Tips with Dunhill Malaysia

Style. Quality. Excellence – Dunhill.

There is an art to using fragrances to increase freshness and confidence in your body. Each perfume brings signature characteristics that can alleviate your mood on any given day. Musk, for example, creates a touch of fragrance that brings excitement while soft fragrances like lavender give a calming effect. Using the original Dunhill fragrances in one’s ensemble is essential to upgrade your style. Here are some tips on how to wear Dunhill perfume and smell great.

Dunhill Perfume Before Getting Dressed

Perfume always comes before clothing – this is one way to use your fragrance correctly. A whiff of Dunhill perfume before getting fully dressed will grant you the confidence and finesse to take on the world. Spraying perfume before getting dressed has its advantages. For one, the fragrance lasts longer. When you spray perfume directly onto your skin, the perfume molecules interact directly with the body, creating a reaction with body heat. This reaction can make your fragrance last longer.

Another plus point to spraying perfume before dressing up is the ability to avoid stains on clothes. Although Dunhill perfume will not stain your clothing some fabrics may have a reaction to the alcohol content in the fragrance. The risk of perfume leaving stains on your clothes high. In addition, if you spray perfume onto your clothes, the fragrance is more likely to evaporate.

Spray, Don’t Rub

There is a myth to perfume application says that the rubbing of the fragrance on the skin helps with the dissipation of the fragrance. This is untrue. The best way to wear perfume is to spray it. Applying perfume on certain body parts will damage the perfume molecules, reducing longevity. Spray your Dunhill perfume from a distance of 15-20 cm from the body so the fragrance spreads to other parts of your body.

Perfume should not be sprayed on every part of the body. The most appropriate part of the body to target is on the pulse points such as the wrists, neck, and behind the ears. Some of these pulse points are thought to be directly related to heart rate as the heart activity pumps blood through blood vessels that connect directly to the skin.

Moisturise Before Applying Dunhill Fragrances

Based on many tests performed on perfume users, perfume sprayed on dry skin is more likely to disappear faster. But the effect is opposite when you spray perfume on moist or oily skin. Perfume sprayed on oily skin lasts significantly longer.

We recommend using a moisturizer first to moisturize the surface area of the skin so that your Dunhill perfume lasts longer. Fragrance will also last longer if you use a combination of 1 or 2 types of fragrances. Combining a few types of perfume fragrance is not easy. When pairing the fragrances, choose the soft scents. Use two different types of perfume simultaneously so the fragrance stays. Ensure the aroma you match complements the event you are attending.

Complement Your Fragrances with Dunhill Toiletries

One way to have a long-lasting fragrance all day is to use a set of Dunhill's toiletries and body products. Choose products such as soap, shampoo, and body lotion with fragrances similar to your Dunhill perfume. You can guarantee the fragrance will be 'stuck' all day on your body.

One of Dunhill's perfume sets you can try is a set of Dunhill Icon Absolute Coffret body kit consisting of shower gel and Eau de perfume that has a similar fragrance to the woody freshness of bergamot and neroli.

A Touch of Masculinity with Dunhill Wallets

In addition to men's perfume, Dunhill provides a premium selection of wallets to accompany your ensemble. A man's wallet is synonymous minimalistic, timeless design. One thing to consider when choosing a new wallet for men is durability in terms of how long the wallet can survive in your pants pocket. Buying cheap wallets ultimately would be a big waste of money.

For those of you who are looking for quality leather or durable leather or fabric wallets, Dunhill's wallet selections may be the answer. Every Dunhill wallet is made of premium quality cow leather with a strong stitching the won’t come apart even with constant wearing over the years. A glossy shine is what tells the Dunhill wallet apart from other brands. Perfect for those who want a formal, masculine look.

Dunhill is one of the famous accessory brands in Malaysia. One of Dunhill's mainstay products is its male perfume series dominated by masculine fragrances. These are perfect for men with high spirits. Other accessories, you can find men's purses and handbags that have a simple yet elegant design. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab the best of Dunhill fragrances and accessories in Malaysia today!