Dulux is one of the world's leading paint brands. Dulux Malaysia has a wide selection of different types of paints and colours that suit a myriad of preferences and decor you might be searching for. Read more about them and their paints below.


Dulux Malaysia, Let's Colour!

Imagine a world without colour. Imagine if everything was in black and white. What a dull and boring environment to live in. Thankfully, we don’t have to. Colours and emotions are personified today in the form of Dulux paints in Malaysia. Rich, vibrant variants of every shade of the rainbow bring out feelings of love, joy and pleasure. Yet, Dulux paints in Malaysia maintain durable quality to withstand the elements of weather, natural wear and tear and even some natural calamities such as flooding. Synthesized from years of research in the field of colours and sustainable materials for paint combinations, Dulux paints present only the best options for you to decorate your home, office, restaurant or practically anywhere else in Malaysia.

Colouring Your World- Dulux History and Up-Comings

Dulux is a paint brand that is available all over the world. Produced by AkzoNobel from the United Kingdom, Dulux was he pioneer of paint brands in Malaysia. During the beginning of its brand, Dulux was cleverly marketed to the customers with the advertising slogan "Say Dulux to your decorator" in the 1950s. This advertising slogan was soon followed by the Dulux Dog, an Old English Sheepdog that ultimately became the mascot for the Dulux paint brand. This dog mascot would become a very famous icon for Dulux worldwide.

Over the years, Dulux has produced a couple of paint series that not only last, but they also bring out life and character to any surface painted. From the Dulux Weathershield, Dulux Pentalite and Dulux Ambiance series, Dulux has created paints for every season, mood and environment. It’s no wonder most Malaysians choose Dulux paint as the first choice for any home or office. Let’s find out more about Dulux products available today.

Dulux Paint Colours

Dulux Malaysia's world-leading paints are manufactured by AkzoNobel. AkzoNobel is a paint manufacturer that produces global leading paints and coatings, producing only the finest shades of colours out there for commercial and retail use. Each paint variant produced by Dulux has a different form of finish that may suit different uses and different tastes. Some of Dulux's premium paints include:

  • Dulux Ambiance Metallic (give off metallic tones to rooms)
  • Dulux Ambiance Velvet Gold (which gives your walls the feeling of having luxurious velvet drapes)
  • Dulux Ambiance Marble, (gives off an impression of marble finishing on your wall for that luxurious touch of class)

New Paint, New You!

Whenever we spring-clean, we consider painting our walls to brighten the place up. New paint always gives a vibrant feel to the room. From living rooms to office rooms, painting your walls every few years rejuvenates our spirit. Still, wondering whether to paint your walls? Let us give you’re a couple of reasons why and when to repaint your walls:

  1. A new year, a new paint – New paint signifies the start of something. Use the new year to repaint and renew your home’s vitality. Signal a resolve for motivation and work balance with a new colour scheme for your office.
  2. Show some love – Every house needs some lovin’. Re-patch old holes, bumps and cracks in walls with a new paint job.
  3. Set the mood – As each home has different rooms, you have the freedom to choose what mood to set in each. Get a warm, textured, sexy colour for the bedroom, a cool, pastel shade for the living room and a bright, cheerful tone for the kitchen and dining.
  4. For your next generation – Got kids? Expecting a baby on the way? It’s time to dress up your little one’s room. Check out Dulux paints for kids under Dulux Kids & Toys. Don’t have to go with the traditional ‘blue for boys, pink for girls’, use your imagination to create a beautiful room for him or her.

Customize your environment with the right shade of Dulux

That’s how best to describe choosing the right paint. Each one of us has our own preferences when it comes to room colours. Some prefer bright, cheerful colours while others gravitate towards darker, sexier tones. There are others also who prefer texture or pattern on their walls. Nevertheless, the right colour scheme can make or break your experience and mood in an instant. Whatever your choice of colour or texture motive for your walls, Dulux has a paint for you. Before choosing any Dulux paint for your walls, it’s imperative to know how best to pick out paint. Here are some tips to look at in the event that you

  1. Consider space – The more space you have, the more freedom to customize the look. Spaces such as the living room and master bedroom typically have more space to work with. Choose from a variety of shades of Dulux paint with a combination of textures such as the Dulux Ambiance Special Effects Linen Leaf and a lighter shade of green such as Dulux Spring Dew. The smaller areas can be painted a single, bright colour to give the illusion of a large area.
  2. Activity – What you do in the area you want to paint also matters. Use high-grade durable paint for outdoors and oil-based paints for wooden surfaces such as doors. Indoors you could consider something less hardy. Weather-resistant Dulux paints include Dulux ICI Weathershield variants.
  3. Colour – This may be subjective. Colour may give a different feel to each individual. Nonetheless, look for colours that appeal to you and those within the vicinity. Generally, green is said to be soothing, red said to be outgoing or signalling aggression, blue creates a cooling atmosphere and white is a pure colour. For more ideas, you could look at the Dulux official website.

Shop online for Dulux in Malaysia

With the added advantage of technology and now, online shopping, you could get your favourite Dulux paints delivered right to your doorstep. It’s so simple! Just check out iPrice’s selection of Dulux paints in every shade, colour and tone. You could also check out Dulux Home & Living for a different variety of paints to customize your home. What are you waiting for? Get going on your home makeover today. Happy shopping!

How much is a Dulux paint?

Dulux paint can cost anywhere around RM80 to RM400, depending on the colour and the series that you choose.

Which Dulux paint is oil-based?

Dulux Super Enamel is an oil-based paint. It’s a tough tradition enamel finish designed for use on doors, architraves and timber trim. Available in high gloss for both interior and exterior, also semi-gloss for interior only. Dulux Super Enamel delivers a traditional oil-based paint that dries to a beautiful smooth finish.

Which Dulux paint is suitable to be used in bathrooms?

Bathrooms are notoriously demanding environments where coatings are concerned, so you’ll need products that stand up to tough conditions, such as moisture and humidity. These Dulux paint will perform brilliantly and looks great too:

  • Dulux Trade Diamond Eggshell or Diamond Matt. Silk and soft sheen are often chosen for bathrooms because they have higher vinyl content and water runs off. Lower sheen Diamond Eggshell and Diamond Matt are less likely to peel and blister. Plus, their formulation also means they are stain-resistant and washable so they can withstand daily wear and tear.
  • Dulux Trade Quick Dry Gloss or Dulux Satinwood. Bathrooms and shower rooms tend to be poorly lit, and the natural light speeds up the ageing process of oil-based paints. Not only will water-borne coatings retain their colour better, but they’re quick drying and low odour. Quick-dry trim products are also available in a choice of satin or gloss finish to suit all styles.

Is Dulux paint water-based?

Dulux Water-Based Gloss is a water-based innovation specifically designed for application on wood and metal surfaces. It is based on a 100% water-based acrylic system to a glossier finish than normal water-based paint.

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