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Dr. Ci:Labo Face Skin Care

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dr ci labo VC100 零毛孔透肌精华水 150ml
RM 200.00

★「缩毛孔神器」!神仙水做不到的 → 它可以!!! ★解决各年龄层毛孔烦恼的Toner!★大人气 日本销量突破270万瓶!★「超瞬间」渗透力,恢复年轻零毛孔透亮肌!!! ◉ Dr.Ci:Labo VC100 零毛孔透肌精华水 (150ml) ☑ 配合富勒烯等美容成分,均匀肤色,抵抗老化! ☑ 高渗透性维他命C,直达肌底,促进胶原蛋白增生,瞬间收细毛孔! ☑ 新増添200%高浸透型维他命C诱导体『APPS』! ☑ 更新加入具抗酸化和抑制黒色素形成的植物精华和新添加油酸性诱导体使渗透力加倍! ☑ 给肌肤持久性的滋润,让你拥有光泽、富有弹性、紧致的肌肤! ▸ APPS的効果在美容皮肤科中也被认可,广泛运用于毛孔护理的治疗中 ▸ 可积极促进真皮产生胶原蛋白。但是为了解决“松弛毛孔”问题 ① 促进肌肤再生 ② 保护胶原蛋白 ③ 整顿代谢循环 ④ 成为肌肤能量来源 ▸“VC100 Pore White Lotion”,作为最强抗松弛毛孔化妆水, 添加了提高APPS効果的助力成分(EGF、富勒烯、AHA、氨基酸)。 ▸ 整顿肌肤代谢循环的同时,促进肌肤再生、胶原蛋白生成,赋予肌肤紧致・ 弹力。 ▸ 能够有效护理松弛毛孔的100倍渗透型维他命Toner,直入渗透至肌肤深处,即使多量使用也不会黏腻。 ▸ 采用100%富山湾海洋深层水, 辅助高渗透型维他命C等美容成分对肌肤的渗透性,以极致的矿物质均衡整顿肌肤。 ▩ 推荐对象 有毛孔松弛烦恼者 ・有肤斑・黯沉烦恼者 ・有皱纹・松弛烦恼者 ・偏好清爽使用感者 ▩ 使用时间 早、晚 ▩ 使用方法 洗脸后、于手心取适量,温柔地涂抹于全脸后(约20秒) ○ Dr. Ci:Labo(城野医生)是由皮肤专家研制的日本药妆品牌。以护肤品为中心,产品涉及广泛,从低刺激的化妆品到防衰老的多功能化妆品,为不同年龄层的人 们提供各种需求的化妆品。特别是日本国内最有人气的保湿系列【水润胶原蛋白果胶】,集所有护肤功能为一体,上市至今已销售3000万个,堪称护肤品种的一 大人气商品!

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Dr. Ci:Labo Super Keana Pore Lotion Labo Labo100ml
RM 42.00 RM 75.00

Product PR A wipe-off lotion that easily removes old keratin and imperfections in your skin. Cleans, shrinks, and moisturizes pores, leaving you with soft, luscious skin. Product Features 1, A wiping lotion that cleans pores utilizing 3 steps: “Removing”, “shrinking”, and “Moisturizing” Just as the lotion removes stubborn old keratin just by lightly sliding on the skin, at the same time it restores moisture! Shrinks opened skin pores while dissolving sebum and keeping the skin smooth. The moisturizing ingredient makes the skin elastic and make skin pores less noticeable. 2, The lotion gives you these following skincare effects! Using natural-derived lactic acid and malic acid, this lotion increases turnover of your skin by dissolving old skin keratin and sebum, which is the cause of skin pore opening. Use this lotion every day, and you can get smoother, softer skin. Also brightens your skin tone and makes skin pores less noticeable. It enhances diffusion of your other skincare products. 3, Botanical ingredients that are smooth to the touch and shrinks your skin pores With 4 kinds of pore cleaning ingredients including royal jelly acid, the lotion suppresses secretion of sebum that causes pore opening and tightens the skin pores. Avoids sebum from clogging and leaves your skin smooth without tanning. Alcohol free, so it is gentle and refreshing on the skin. 4. Contains 200%* of Hyaluronic acid and collagen to make your skin moist and plumped It contains 200%* of hyaluronic acid and collagen to keep your skin’s moisture balance after wiping. *In comparison with conventional products How to Use Soak a plenty of lotion into a cotton pad after face wash, and wipe makeup from your whole face except for surrounding of eyes and mouth. Amout of use: Amount of lotion to let the cotton soak enough Amount of usage period: 100mL, about a month Tips for use ■ For daily care Use the lotion after face wash in the morning and night. Soak 500yen sized amount of lotion into cotton and wipe makeup off your whole face gently. Make yo

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Dr. Ci:Labo Face Skin Care Malaysia

mixed.get_discount_on_brand_cat VC100 零毛孔透肌精华水 150ml, Dr.Ci:Labo Enrich-Lift Sleeping Mask 1.76 oz./50g and Super Keana Pore Lotion Labo Labo100ml, are the two most popular Dr. Ci:Labo Face from the brand.', If Dr. Ci:Labo Face doesn't suit your taste, you can also check out NEUTROGENA, innisfree and Bioaqua online. On iPrice Malaysia, Dr. Ci:Labo Face are offered in a price range from RM 42.00 to RM 774.00. You can find among Face Scrubs, Face Toners and Night Creams.