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How to Take CareYour Hair & Scalp with Dove Products

From shampoo to hair serum, Dove hair care products have everything you need to look gorgeous all the time. They work effectively to keep your hair strong and healthy. Since Dove boasts a wide range of products, it is normal that you can get overwhelmed with a huge number of choices. Thankfully, you do not have to worrybecause you will find out about which Dove product is suitable for different hair conditions.Hereis how you can take care your hair and scalp with Dove products.

Oily Hair

Most shampoos can remove a day's worth of grease easily. However, they are seen as ineffective because they do not deal with the source of the problem directly. The greasy residue on the haircan becaused by excess of sebum or heavy, waxy styling products.While there are various reasons why oily hair can happen, it all comes down to excess oil on your scalp.

If you have a serious issue with oily hair, it is highly recommended that you should choose a shampoo that normalizes sebum production because it can "train" your scalp to produce less oil.You can tryDove Advanced Hair Series Oxygen Moisture Shampoo to wash greasy oil away while prevent it fromoccurring. This amazing Dove shampoo also helps to keep your hair light and bouncy.

Despite solving the oily hair problem, you still need to make sure thatyour hair is nourished all the way.Dove Advanced Hair Series Oxygen Moisture Conditioner is an excellent choice because it is light enough (as a conditioner) for your hair-washing routine. Sometimes, conditioners that are more intensive can damage your hair and scalp while aggravate your oily hair problem.

Dry Hair

It is important to distinguish between dry and damaged hair because it is easy to confuse them. If you find your hair islacking smoothness anddry, it is the best sign of dry hair.For your dry hair problem, you need shampoos that are formulated with moisturizing oil. A rich infusion of oil will solve your dehydrated strands of hair effectively.Shampooswith higher level ofconditioning agents like apolyquaternium,guarhydroxypropyltrimoniumchloride, orhydroxyethyldimoniumchloridecan seal down the cuticle to make your hair more manageable andsmoother. Some shampoos possess specialized blend of extracts that do not only moisturize hair, butscalp as well. As a result, your hair will look healthier.

Dove has the perfect solution for your dry hair problem. WithDove Advanced Hair Series Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment, it can nourish your dry hair effectively. Infused with African Macadamia Oil, this Dove product offers nourishing boost that replenishes your hair's lipids so that you can get back your supple, silky hair.

Thinning Hair

If you encounter thinning hair or receding coif problem, a specialized shampoo is your ticket to solve it.There are many shampoos that can address this problem by improving scalp production or reducing sebum production in order to fight against hair loss. However, the most effective way to solve thinning hair issue is to reduce DHTwhich is responsible for your thinning hair problem.

In order to make your fuller again, you need to choose the right product because most shampoos just lack the specialized ingredients to nourish your hair naturally.Dove Advanced Hair Series Youthful VitalityShampoo is crafted exclusively to replenish essential nutrients lost due to aging. Itvolumizesyour hair and does not weigh it down.When you get back your healthy, voluminous hair, you will be able to get any hairstyle you like.

Curly or Frizzy Hair

Thanks to both rain and humidity, your hair will become curly or frizzy.Thisunruly hair problem requires shampoos with high levels of conditioning agents for smoothness and moisture to "restore" the hair. The right shampoo for this problem is the one that has been enriched with anti-frizz nutrients to fight against frizz and can even prevent it from happening again. A good shampoo should not weight your hair down or dry it out.

When your hair absorbs the moisture in the air, frizz happens.Dove Advanced Hair Series Regenerative Nourishment Serum-in-Oil prevents that fromoccurringbecause it can form a barrier layer over the hair and helps to trap the moisture inside. Your hair will stopabsorbing the moisture. Once it solves your curly or frizzy hair problem, your hair will be cleaner, softer, and shinier.You should keep your hair satisfied with a rich conditioner such as Dove Anti-Frizz Oil Therapy Conditioner. It takes only a couple of times a week to maintain your hair.

There are times when your dry, frizzy hair is damaged hair in disguise. During heat styling, using a heat protection spray can protect your hair from the tongs or straighteners. Through this approach, you can achieve your hairstyle without compromising your healthy hair.