Are you bored of those drab looking backpack that does nothing to your style and is as flimsy as hell? Then get a backpack from Doughnut, where style and functionality is their very main aim. Read on more about the brand here.


Doughnut Malaysia – A backpack of dreams

A backpack is everyone’s dream bag no matter if you’re a school student or a businessman, for it is incredibly useful and extremely easy to be carried around everywhere. It distributes the weight of the items in the bag evenly across your shoulder. You will not suffer from a shoulder ache no matter how heavy your bag is. Everyone no matter man or women, have everything in their bag, and for this, a normal bag just wouldn’t do the job. The bigger the bag is, the better it is for everyone.

Thanks to Doughnut, now everyone can have that one bag that fits everything perfectly with the element of style added to it. Doughnut, more than just backpacks, produces shoulder bags and accessories like pencil cases and wallets to name a few targeted for both the gents and the ladies. With the large range of bags mainly their iconic backpack, you would surely be able to find something that would suit your taste.

Doughnut Malaysia – Feel the passion and experience the joy in their bags

Established in 2007, Doughnut started making backpacks, bags accessories and other travel essentials. 'Integrating fashion and functionality' are hallmarks of Doughnut and these factors are key in ensuring that every Doughnut product is consistently of the utmost quality, reasonably priced and unique from what is commonly found out there. After years of constant innovation, the team at Doughnut continues to push the boundaries and challenging their designers to investigate new materials, styles and concepts. They are proud to have you in their journey and honoured to have them in yours in every time zone; on every continent; with everyone in the world.

It always seem impossible until it's done. At Doughnut, they believe if you can dream it, you can achieve it. This is the reason they have dedicated their time to design products that can accompany you and take care of you along your whole journey. And this is their commitment to be there with you to Pack Your Dream.

The entire Doughnut Collection was established with a commitment to make perfectly crafted backpacks with a modern sophistication. Until now, they continue on the same path, unsparing in their demand for perfection. The team at Doughnut pay extra attention to detail from design concept to even a zipper head to ensure that all their products are fine-tuned with not only good but the best quality.

Doughnut Malaysia – The bags you totally need in your collection

Doughnut Montana Bag - Explore your hectic weekend with ease knowing that your favourite essentials are neatly stored in this Doughnut backpack. Designed with a spacious compartment complete with inner pockets, the backpack comes with a detachable inner pouch that can be transformed into a convenient cross body piece.
Doughnut Hola Waist Bag - Sling in style with this practical waist bag from Doughnut. Featuring a waterproof nylon outer lining and added leather trimming, it is perfect for outdoor activities without compromising on style.
Doughnut Canyon Sling Bag - Seize your hectic weekend with this crossbody piece from Doughnut. Designed with a medley of colour blocking panels, the brand amplifies the laid-back piece with an ample compartment complete with inner pockets.
Doughnut Flash Waist Bag - Whenever you're out and about, keep your essentials within reach with this waist bag from Doughnut. Designed with a structured silhouette, the ample compartment comes with a medley of inner pockets to keep your belongings organised at all times.
Doughnut Jungle Laptop Bag - Emulate a bookish appearance with this rugged laptop bag from Doughnut. Featuring attractive dual colour scheme topped with leather pin buckle fastening for extra protection, it's like you never left school at all.
Doughnut Browie Backpack - For a multi-compartment backpack for all occasions, this minimalist Doughnut Browie backpack will meet and even exceed all your expectations. A secret hidden pouch at the back ensures that you'll never have to fear about losing your phone ever again. Featuring a teal denim shade, various compartments with secure zip fastening and a waist buckle, feel free to go around town in style.
Doughnut Woodland Small Bo-He Special Backpack - Channel your inner bohemian spirit and embrace the carefree ways of this delightful Doughnut creation. Structured in a charming backpack silhouette, the spacious inner compartment promises not to disappoint when it comes to belonging organization.

    Doughnut Malaysia – Get them now online

    A Doughnut bag has the power to elevate your whole style, taking your boring look and adding a casual vibe to it. And with its great functionality, these backpacks are bound to attract a cult following everywhere. Get yours now exclusively on iprice before it’s all gone. Or you can even check out bags from different brands like Anello, Kipling and JanSport.